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James Fisher Baby Linda

James H. Fisher and Doris Showing Off Baby Linda 1943


I, James H. Fisher, married Doris Lundgren in July 1941. Enlisted in the US. Army Air Corps on 15 December, 1941. Graduated Pilot Training 30 August 1943. Linda Kay Fisher born September 30, 1943. Finished B-17 transition November 1943. Formed B-17 crew December 1943. Finished B-7 Crew Training February 1944. Flew B-17G with crew to England March 1944 and was assigned to the 303rd Bomb Group H.
  After flying 3 milk run missions our 4th mission was to Berlin on April 29, 1944. We were hit by flak between no. 3 & 4 engines and had to feather no. 4. We were unable to keep up with the formation but did continue over the target and dropped our bombs. Shortly after leaving the target we were attacked by ME 109s. After being literally shot to pieces I gave the order to bail out, only two of us survived. I must assume that the rest of the crewmembers were killed by the withering fire from the ME 109s. I was wounded; probably fragments from the instrument panel after machine gun bullets shattered the panel. I was roughed up by civilians on the ground in Hanover before German soldiers rescued me.
  After a short stop at  Dulag Luft near Frankfurt, I went to Stalag Luft III near Sagan and remained there until the night of January 28, 1945 when we were marched out around midnight. After 5 days of marching in the snow and freezing weather, we reached Spremburg; there we were loaded onto 40 and 8 boxcars for a trip to Nuremburg, arriving Feb. 5, 1944 where we were interned in Stalag XIII D.

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