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Established April 14, 1942

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McFall, George K.
George McFall in Pilot's Goggles
George McFall - Pilot Gear
George McFall in Later Years
George McFall - Later Years
George McFall a day off
George McFall - Day Off
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George McFall was born on a farm outside of Platteville on February 2, 1921. He volunteered for the Army Air Corps on December 30, 1941 with the dream of learning to fly.

He earned his silver wings and officer commission on June 22, 1943, and was assigned as a B-17 pilot, stationed at the 8th Air Force base in Knettishall, England. He piloted the "Heaven Can Wait" until it was shot down and he became a prisoner of war.

On a bombing raid over Brunswick, Germany on March 23,1944 his bomber formation was separated from their fighter plane escort and fell prey to German fighter pilots. His plane was hit by enemy fire, and he was forced to make an emergency landing in a cabbage patch near Oldenburg.

He and his crew were taken prisoners and were sent to Stalag Luft III near Sagan, Poland. By January, 28,1945, Russian troops were getting close to the camp, and the Germans forced the Allied prisoners to march through the snow to the railway station at Spremburg. They arrived on February 3 and then were taken to Stalag VIIA in Moosberg, Germany. On April 29, 1945, General Patton's army liberated the camp.

George was discharged from the Army December 29, 1945. After 13 months in captivity returned to Platteville, where he married Elaine Bride, on June 25, 1946. George attended the Wisconsin Institute of Technology and Rolla School of Mines and Metallurgy. He worked as a metallurgist for 34 years while helping to raise six children. He enjoyed birding, tinkering in his workshop and going on adventures with his family.

George wrote several books chronicling his wartime experiences including "The Collected Works of George K. McFall Sr." (available on Amazon.)

George McFall POW ID
George McFall - POW ID
Heaven Can Wait
"Heaven Can Wait" Crew, B-17 Serial # 42-31745
Left to right, first row: Lt. Robert White (not on last mission); Lt. Roy Eggman, bombardier; Lt. Frank Irizarry, co-pilot; Lt. George McFall, pilot;
Second row, Sgt. Walt Pawlesh, tail gunner; Sgt. Ralph Sirianni, waist gunner; Sgt. William Kemp, engineer; Sgt. Alan Grimshaw, waist gunner; Sgt. Willy Krupitsch, ball turret; Sgt. Ernest Alcorn, radio operator. (not pictured: E. G. Brazis, navigator.
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