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Established April 14, 1942

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Odahowski, Steve P
Steve and Cheryl Odahowski
Steve P. and Cheryl Odahowski, Baton Rouge Nat. Convention 1998
Last Name
First Name, Middle Init.
Street Add.
Branch of Service
Theatre of Operation
Military Job
Where Captured
Date Captured
Time Interned
Date Liberated
Medals Received
Age at Capture
After the War ...
Steve P. Odahowski was a Flight Officer and Glider Pilot with the 71st Sqd., 434th Group with the 9th Air Force when he landed his plane behind enemy lines on June 6, 1944.

He landed his Horsa Glider on a supply mission for the 101st Airborne. Upon landing he was captured by German paratroopers. Interrogated at Dulag Luft, where most airmen went after they were captured, then spent a few days in solitary confinement, and sent on to various POW camps, or Stalag. Steve was sent to Stalag Luft 3.

In January 1945, they were marched out of the camp in the freezing cold. They walked for many days and then rode in box cars to Stalag 7-A near Munich. Steve was liberated on April 1, 1945 by General Patton's Armored Division, then to Rheims, France and to Lucky Strike and back home in June 13, 1945.

Message to Future Generations:
"Don't let anyone take your freedom away from you."
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