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Petix, Angelo

Angelo Petix's Crew Members on B-17 #42-3029 ('Wallaroo')
(Back L-R) 2nd Lt Karl B. Arundale (P), 2nd Lt Clayton C. David (CP), 2nd Lt James F. Barlow (B), 2nd Lt Joe B. Vogel (N) (Front L-R) S/Sgt Charles C. Finch (E), Sgt James T. Elovich (WG), Sgt Angelo P. Petix (WG), S/Sgt Richard Davis, Jr. (R), Sgt Joseph F. Fertitta (TG)(, Sgt Theodore R. Czeczotka (BT)
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After the War ...
Angelo P. Petix was a S/Sgt with the Army Air Corps during World War II. He was 27 years old when he was shot down over France on January 14, 1944.

His plane, "Wallaroo," sustained a direct flak hit in the vicinity of Foret-de-Crecy, about 10 miles North of Abbeville. The B-17's control cables were severed, and it went out of control, spiralled towards the ground and exploded. The entire crew made successful parachute jumps and watched as their aircraft crashed, near the anti-aircraft gun that shot it down. The crew was captured immediately by nearby soldiers. Angelo spent 15 1/2 months in Stalg Luft VI, IV, and 7-A in Austria.

After the war Angelo worked as a carpenter with Union Local 715, residing in Piscataway, NJ with his wife, Louise. Together they raised two sons.

Message to Future Generations:
"I was happy that I served my country to preserve our way of life for my children and grandchildren. I am also gratified to remember those that gave their lives and to know that their lives were not lost in vain."
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