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Raymond E. Reitze - 1940's

Raymond E. Reitze - 2000's

Raymond E. Reitze 

Last Name: 
First Name Middle Initial:
Raymond E.
Nick Name:
Street: 11 Treadwell Road City & State:  Buxton, ME  E-Mail: 
Zip:  04093 Phone: 207-929-4606 Spouse:  
Conflict:  World War II Service Branch:  Army Unit: 13 Artillery Observation Battalion
Theater: North Africa Campaign Where Captured:  Near Kasserine Pass - was taken to transit camp in Italy Date Captured:  2/14/43
Camps Held In:  Stalag 7A, 5B, 2B, and then in a work group on a farm at Stolp Pomeraze How Long Interned:  26 months
Liberated / repatriated: liberated Date Liberated:  4/22/45 Age at Capture: 
Medals Received: Purple Heart, Good Conduct, American Defense, European Eastern Theatre Campaign Ribbon, Efficency, Honor & Fidelity, American Defense, POW Medal, American Campaign, World War II
Military Job:  Trained for Artillery and In africa was a Line Man Company: 
Occupation after War:  Portland Gas & Light




We were taken to Italy by German Junker 88's Bomber planes.  There were so many of us on the planes we could hardly move.  It was the 22 of February when we were taken to Italy.  I also worked on a farm at Stolp near Stettin.  I had an infection in my left wrist from a piece of metal and another fellow had a carbuncle on the back of his neck and at that time we had a guard that wasn't the SS and he took the other man and myself to a medical station, Lazaret 1 in Stargard . The doctor cut a piece of metal out of my wrist and the carbuncle out of the other fellow's neck with nothing to deaden the pain.  I can't remember the other fellow's name. I was on the Death March from January of 45 till April 22, 1945.


Western Union telegram - Missing in Action

POW notification

Letter from transit camp in Italy

Coming Home telegram

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