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Edwin A. Suominen

Edwin Suominen - WWII era

Edwin Suominen

Last Name: 
First Name Middle Initial:
Edwin A.
Nick Name: 
Street: 1720 N. 74th Way City & State:  SCottsdale, AZ E-Mail:
Zip: 85257 Phone: (480) 941-2843 Spouse:  
Conflict:  World War II Service Branch:  Army Unit: 39th Canon Co.  9th Infantry Division, 168th Infantry Regiment
Theater: 7 Battles in North Africa, Algiers, French Morroco, Tunisia Where Captured:  Kasserine, N. Africa Date Captured:  February 14, 1943
Camps Held In:  Stalag 2B How Long Interned:  2 years
Liberated / repatriated: escaped Date Escaped:  February 14, 1945 Age at Capture: 
Medals Received: POW Medal, Bronze Star, European combat and others
Military Job:  Ammunitions Handler, driver half-track Company: 
Occupation after War:  Auto Mechanic - Retail Management - Photographer - Real Estate Broker




Ed enlisted in July 1943.  After fighting in seven battles in N. Africa he was captured at Kasserine by Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps.  He spent two years in Stalag 2B where he labored on the farm and in the camp shoe shop.  After two weeks on the death march Ed and four other PW's escaped from the line and hid under a chicken coop.  Ed could see out through the narrow space as the Germans searched for them.   At one time he saw a pair of black shining boots standing so close he could have touched them.  When the Germans left the area Ed and his comrades headed towards the Russian line.  They were encountered by a German guard on a road in Poland.  Ed said that he was leading a work crew and they walked right into a concentration camp.  A British Sgt. helped them escape by hiding them in a coal bin for three days.  The first three that got out were captured when their footprints in the snow led the Germans to follow them. Ed and another PW escaped.  Fleeing through forests, town to town, for three months Ed met up with the American troops in Naples where he returned to the USA on the Queen Mary.  Ed and his wife Mary are the authors of the book "Twice to Freedom".


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