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Established April 14, 1942

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Zak, George K
PFC George K. Zak
PFC George K. Zak
George K. Zak POW
George K. Zak, POW
George K. Zak, at rest
George K. Zak, Man of Leisure
Last Name
First Name, Middle Init.
Street Add.
Branch of Service
Theatre of Operation
Military Job
Where Captured
Date Captured
Time Interned
Date Liberated
Medals Received
Age at Capture
After the War ...
George K. Zak was born September, 8, 1925 in Oak Park, IL.

During WWII, George was an Ammo Bearer assigned to M Co., 422nd Reg.,106th Infantry Division in the European Theatre of Operations. He was captured in the beginning stages of the Battle of the Bulge on December 19, 1944 when his untried infantry division was overwhelmed by the Germans in a fierce battle. Having sustaining many casualties and in a hopeless situation, the regiment was ordered to surrender by its commander.

George was held as a POW at IV-B, Muhlberg, Lobau, 4A, Pirna until liberation on April 23, 1945.

After a recuperation leave and discharge from the army, George earned a B.A. degree with honors and an M.A. degree from Loyola University in Chicago. He eventually became the manager of corporate banking for a large retail firm.

In 1998 George published Soldier Boy, an account of his life as a young soldier and a POW during the war. Available on Amazon.

George was married to Joan M. (nee McAndrew) for forty-eight years, and together they raised four sons. Joan passed away in 2001.

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