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  Packet 1 VA Claim Information $8.00
  Packet 2 Stresses of Incarceration & After Effects Extreme Stress
Covers the after effects on the nerves and body organs
  Packet 3 After Effects of Imprisonment  
Covers arthritis, alcoholism, visual, ulcers, varicose veins, impotency, brain damage, etc.
  Packet 4 After Effects of Imprisonment  
Part 1 - covers the heart, arteries and veins; Part 2 covers cancer
  Packet 5 What Every Wife should Know Before She Is Your Widow
Social Security, insurance, burial procedures, allowances, etc. including what pathologist should look for in an autopsy
  Packet 6 Micro-Film Index: Asiatic Theater Japanese
Possible help in locating POW records
  Packet 7 Micro-Film Index: European Theater - Germany
Possible help in locating POW records
  Packet 8 The European Story, History of POWs in Germany, and after-effects $8.00
  Packet 9 The Korea Story, History of POWs in Korea, and after-effects $8.00
  Packet 10 The Japanese Story, History of POWs in Japan, and after-effects $10.00
  Packet 11 NSO Director Answers Your Questions $11.00
  Presentation Set (consists of Packets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10) $55.00
  The Modern Day Tragedy, medical & claims evidence in support of PL 97-37 $4.00
  POW: The American Experience
Overview on POW experience; reviews vitamin deficiencies, infectious diseases and service-connected statistics
  Map of Location of German POW Camps, shows location of 76 camps $3.00
  Map of Location of Japanese POW Camps, 21" x 32" with camps featured in red $4.00

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