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November/December  2001

My father, Lawrence M. Hall, served in the U.S. Army on Corregidor in World War II and was taken prisoner when it fell. He was in the Second Signal Service Company, I think. He was a prisoner in Japan, but I don’t know where or when he was sent there. Dad died a few years ago and never talked about his experiences much. I would like to find out where he was a prisoner so I can better understand his experiences. I think he mentioned working on loading ships and that British soldiers were also prisoners where he was in Japan. Gilbert Hall, My address is 310 Dashing Wave Lane, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

Would appreciate any info about my father Raymond Dell Russell and my uncle Dee Lewellen. Both were in 60th Coast Artillery on Corregidor. Were sent to Honshu prison camp worked in coal mines.  Jim Russell, 5876 Quedito, Amarillo, Texas 79108

I am trying to locate a POW from WWII, an Edmond H. Smith, who was shot down on the low level Ploesti raid, in Lt. Lloyd Hughes aircraft. He and I were the two survivors of the crash. I would appreciate any info you may be able to give me. Thomas Hoff, 1613 N. Waterville Road, Oconomowoc, WI 53066

I am trying to find anyone that served with my father S/Sgt Richard H. Meehan in WWII or was in a POW camp in Germany with him. He was imprisoned at Nuremberg, Stalag 13D and Moosburg, Stalag 7A. He was assigned to the 8th Air Force, 350th Bomb Squadron, 3rd  Division. He was shot down over Hamburg on December 31, 1944. His crew consisted of John Little, Lowell Hendrickson, Morris Burkhart, Lloyd B. Winslow, Jr., James Anthony who were also captured. My mailing address is P.O. Box 933, Loxahatchee, Fl 33470 and my phone number is 561-793-1708. My e-mail is Thank you for any information you may share. Deborah L. Meehan.

I am hoping someone may have knowledge of this soldier or the 19th Air Base Squadron. He served in the Pre-War Philippines, survived the Bataan Death March, initially imprisoned at Cabanatuan he spent Nov 42 to end of the war in Camp Hoten Manchuria. Clarence P Graves. Serial Number 6822281. Entered Army July 10, 1931 Inf. Arrived Manilia PI, March 12,1934. Overseas Training Nichols Field, PI 1936. Assigned 19th Air Base Squadron, and sent to front Dec 7,1941. Wounded, shrapnel left arm, fractured left leg. Released from Camp Hoten, Mukden, Manchuria August 17, 1945. The date is August 17, 1945, because that was when the OSS agents who landed on Mukden, to secure their release, were released by the Japanese and the POWs were given to their care. In fact, unless he was badly injured, his shrapnel wounds may have been a result of the accidental bombing of Camp Hoten by a US B-29 on Dec 7, 1944. He stayed in Mukden for two to three weeks more as he awaited transport by ship. If he was badly injured, he was taken out by plane less than a week after the appearance of the OSS agents. If he was not, two to three weeks later, he was put on a train for Darien, Manchuria, where he boarded a ship for Okinawa and then the Philippines. His Camp Hoten POW number was #191, which meant he was with the first group that arrived in Camp Hoten. All numbers lower than 1497 were members of the first group. This means, he left Cabanatuan on Nov. 1, 1942 was sent by truck to Manila, where they spent the night on Pier 7. The next day they boarded the Totori Maru and sailed for Formosa. From Formosa, they sailed for Pusan, Korea, where they boarded a train for Camp Hoten, Mukden, Manchuria, arriving there on Nov. 30, 1942. Was still in service late 40’s at Wold Chamberlain Air Base. I sent to St Louis a few years ago for his service records under FOIA but never received any reply even to say records were unavailable. I have read and own many books on the Bataan Campaign but can’t find any reference to the 19th Air Base Squadron. Maybe that was made into one of the Provisional Infantry units formed from Army Air Corps personnel. I also never saw his name on any POW lists in any camps or on the march. Would you have any information on his name? Sgt. Maj H O Caloud, 15th MEU (SOC), UIC 43609, FPO AP 96608-3609;

My father, Robert (Bob) J. Young, Sr., was a Prisoner of War between August 1944 and May 1945. He was from Pike County, Mississippi, and joined the Army at Camp Shelby Mississippi. He was attached to the 121st  Infantry Regiment according to his discharge papers, which are the only record of information my family has. My father could never talk about the war, so I don’t even know where he was captured or anything about his experience. His papers say his destination was: European African Middle Eastern Theater and the battles and campaigns were: Northern France GO 33 WD 45, Rhineland GO 40 WD 45. My father died of cancer in November 1989, without telling his story. I would be so thankful to get any information from someone that served with him or knew him. As you can see, I have very little to research, so any info would be appreciated. My name is Beanie Young Albaral, email or 179 Valerie Street, River Ridge, LA 70123.  

I am looking for information on my father Lt. Leon “Tim” Tyler with 337th Bomb Squadron in Snetterton, England. Two of the B 17G’s he crewed were Lady Luck and the Ruptured Duck. He was shot down 3 times, walked out the first two and spent 10 months at Stalag 17. That last mission was the Nuremberg Raids. I am looking for any information on crewmembers, missions flown, or anything. If you can point me to resources available, I would be very appreciative. Thank you. Lee Tyler, 1523 Laureldale Drive Raleigh, NC 27609-3572 (919) 876-3883 Office (919) 876-6152 Home

Debbie Hartman, 7768 Hollybrook Lane, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227. I am looking for information on my uncle, who was captured by the Germans, and placed in a camp. I have no information on what camp, or what country he was in. I do know he spent 2 yrs in the POW camp. I think he was in the Army. His name was Glen Hartman, and he was from Indiana. Any kind of information would really help me. Also:  Edward Cribb, he was from the state of California. He died on one of the beaches, at Normandy.

Hi, I am looking for any information on my grandfather, who was a POW in WWII. His name is Marion Hatton. He was from Kentucky, and was deeply involved in veteran’s affairs. He has since passed away. I’m also looking for any medals he might have received. I would really like any information anyone might have as I don’t even have a picture of him. Linda Tice, 3235 Pinebrook, Muskegon, MI 49444;

My name is Candace and I wrote last June and received many, wonderful responses. I am writing again to see if anyone can help me locate additional info on my grandfather. In the book, “ Many Survived”, by Manny Lawton there are several pictures of POWs. The sixth page of the photo section has a picture of five POWs. Under the photo it states, “American and Filipino prisoners in PI”. Does anyone have any idea of which prison camp this could be? The first man in line, I believe, is my grandfather,  J.C. Smith. He is still buried in the PI and we are trying to locate his gravesite. Any ideas of where I could get a copy of this photo? My address is :  2345 S 33 Street, Omaha, NE 68105-3119 and my phone # is 402-932-1932. I can be emailed at: WAMCS@MSN.COM. Candace Vacek

Any information you can share with me concerning my father in the military would be most appreciated. Name: Emery Adell Motsinger Born: September 10, 1908. Army Services number: RA 6280340 SS# 493-16-3084 Died: June 7, 1983. From what little information I have I have listed below: Captured on the 8th of April 1942, in the Bataan Death March, escaped on the 21st day of September 1944. Rank: Sergeant First Class. Lodessa F. (Motsinger) Chaney,  2645 West Sexton Drive, Springfield, MO; email:

I am looking for any information that may help us gain more knowledge about my father, Boyd Morgan Blount, and his imprisonment. Following are all the details he was able to give us 2 weeks prior to his death on Feb 1, 2001. He was inducted into the Army Oct. 12, 1942 at Ft. Sill, OK. His basic training was at Camp Hood In Killeen, Texas for 3 months. After basic he went to Camp Bowie, Brownsville, Texas for approximately 3 months then went back to Camp Hood. Then to Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky. October 1943 went by boat (7 days) to South Hampton England. From England To LaHarne France. Went to Belgium (Battle of the Bulge). Left Belgium under fire on December 23, 1944 about 4 a.m. The enemy had them surrounded and they surrendered on Dec. 24, 1944 at 5 p.m. The prisoners were marched into cow pastures and they slept there all night. Next day they marched all day and that night, Christmas Eve., the prisoners were loaded on boxcars. The prisoners were fed 1/5 loaf of bread and 2 tablespoons of black strap molasses. The first they had to eat since Dec. 17th and the last until they reached prison camp, Stalag IVB, on Jan 2, 1945. My father also talked briefly about the fighting at the English Channel. I would appreciate any information or possibly pictures of the soldiers to see if my father is in them. Paula Daigle, 13143 McCrorey Road, Conroe, Texas, 77303. E-mail me at

Author James Bradley is trying to locate two WWII Navy pilots shot down over Chichi Jim and held prisoner at Found and Omori camps on mainland Japan: William Laughlin Connell and Daniel Terry Galvin. Mr. Bradley seeks to find out more information about them. Please contact him via his researcher Audrey Manring at: 833 Whalley Ave., #9 New Haven, CT 06515. 800-786-4716.

I am looking for anyone who was captured with my father in WWII. He needs your help immediately, as he is dying in a VA hospital. He was S/Sgt Lorenzo, Co B, 2nd Inf. Div, Cleveland, OH. He was captured on March 7, 1945, Area 72,  Germany, Leinburg Camp; then marched to Burgsolms Lahn River. Parent Unit #0002 Parent Unit Type 06 Regiment. He was captured with George Redd, Thomas Carlton, Richard Canterbury and others. He needs help to verify that he was a POW longer than 30 days, as the VA is uncertain of the time frame. If you have any information, please contact Bob Lorenzo at 440-255-2848, or Richard Lorenzo at 440-946-1059.

I would like to reach any of my roommates at Stalag Luft 1 in Barth, Pomerania, Germany. The three names that I remember are Mr. Dunkerley from Detroit, Mr. Orren Webb from Idaho, and Mr. Paul Lipps from Alexandria, VA. My e-mail address is -  Bill Kaplan

I am looking for any information about, or anyone who knew my father-in-law, Walter Cox. He was wounded at the Battle of Abucay Hacienda. He was with the 3rd Bn Med of the 31st U.S. Infantry Regiment. He transferred into that unit from the Antitank Company. He survived the Bataan Death March and was sent to Japan in February 1943. He died when my husband was very young and I would appreciate any information you might be able to find regarding him to give my husband a sense of who he was. Anyone with information can reach me at or 111 Smoky Rock Rd, Bailey CO 80421. Thank you. Linda Cox.

Sgt Abell was stationed in Manila, PI. He married/lived with my sister-in-law, Ethel Hansen. They had one child, a girl named Joyce. He was captured on Bataan and was later sent on board a Japanese ship for labor in Japan. We believe that the ship was torpedoed by an America submarine off Subic Bay. Would like to get any info we can for his grandchildren. .Max T. Canady, TSgt (Ret.) USAF 146 Edgewood Drive, Murray, Kentucky 42071-5646 # 270-436-2334; E-Mail :

For a book on the Davao Penal Colony and the voyage of the Hell Ship Shinyo Maru, I am looking for any former POWs who remember the following: Micheal Panici—from Kankakee, Illinois, surrendered on Mindanao, died in Shinyo Maru; Willard Scroggins; believed to be from Tennessee, former Golden Gloves boxer, said to have engaged in fist fights with Japanese guards; Jack Stevenson, from San Francisco, also known as “Big Steve”; Frank Dixon or “Dickson,” ended war in Bilibid prison, Manila, believed to have been from Corpus Christi, TX, famous for “quanning” food and medicine; believed to have assisted the Dyess-Melnick group of 10 escapees who left Dapecol in April, 1943. Joel Millman,   6820 Xana Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009 760-510-6737.

I am searching for information on my great-uncle Richard Kitzman. He was a prisoner of war in Germany during WWII. The only other information I really have is that he broke his leg before being captured, I’m not sure if it was because of the landing or if it was broken as the plane broke up? My address is Elizabeth Fredericks, 1207 W. Elsie St., Appleton, WI  54914. email:

Capt. Thomas B. Finan was my father. He died in 1972. He was a POW in Oflag 64, making the march to Hammelburg, etc. If there is anyone out there who remembers him, I would appreciate hearing from you as there is not much I know about those difficult days. Tim Finan,  809 Buckingham Road, Cumberland, Md. 21502 301-759-3672

My grandfather served in WWII, he was shot down over Germany or Poland. His name was Harry James Cook Jr. He was a co-pilot on a B-17. He was imprisoned in Luft III (or so he said). He didn’t speak much about his war experiences, but he did say he was part of a forced march. He usually went by James not Harry. Any one who could help me learn more about my grandfather (he died in 1993), please e-mail me at, or send mail to 54 New Brooklyn RD. Sicklerville NJ 08081. 

I am searching for information on my grandfather. His name was Norman L. LaFrance of Danielson & Montville, CT. He was a member of the 106th division, 422 infantry, company H and was taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge. My grandfather never spoke of his experiences during the war or of his time as a POW. I would like to know where and when he was held and if there are any other people who might have known him. I don’t know many details of this time in his life and would greatly appreciate any insight I may be able to find. Are there any other ways I might find information about his company. I have found other sites that pertain to other companies in the 106th, but not my grandfathers. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide. John Coleman, 947 S. Ninth St. Salina, KS 67401 email:

I am trying to locate any information on Clyde P. Sullivan, S/Sgt, 440th Ordnance Co. (Aviation). Sgt. Sullivan was I believe, captured after the fall of Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. In 1945, he was recommended for a Silver Star decoration for his actions at the Del Monte airfield. Any help would be appreciated. Dean S. Veremakis, Capt. USNR (Ret.).

If anyone has information on Stalag 4F Hartmannsdorf, or if you were a POW in 4F, please contact Charles A. Barrett, 430 Ash Street, Johnstown, PA  15902. Mr. Barrett would like to see something published in the Bulletin about the camp.

I need to speak with anyone who was stationed on Fort Drum, Manila Bay, Harbor Defense -- December 1941-May 1942. I am writing a novel and a number of questions have come up that need answers. Please contact: Martin Koppy, c/o Sabine Van Rent, Nanga Parbat Str. 67, 80992, Munich, Germany.

We are searching of any information you may provide about our relative, Lieutenant Darwin Gale Norton, Pendleton County of Kentucky who was shot down during World War II. John P. Draper, Williamstown, Ky.

My father, George M. Day, was shot down over France on the 6th of January 1944. According to him he believes he was the only one who made it out of the plane. Dad was a prisoner in the 17 b camp for 18 months and wants to find out if there were any other survivors. His bomb group was the 381st. The pilots name was Tommy Thompson. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, David Day,

I am looking for anyone who may have known my late husband, Clarence Beltmann, 9th Armored Div, 2D 2C 12A LUFT 1, He died in June of 1994. I have been denied DIC because he did not die of service connection; if anyone can verify his physical condition while in camp -- especially swelling, ischemia, etc., it would help me with reopening my claim. Contact: Mildred Beltmann, 996 Hickory Hill Parkway, Hubertus, WI  53033;  414-628-3362.


October 2001 

I am interested in finding out any information I can about my uncle who was a tail gunner in a bomber during WW2.  His plane was shot down and he became a POW.  The way it was told to me he was a member of the Bataan Death March.  His name is Gerhard Erdahl of Bristol, SD.  He survived the war.  He has since passed away.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. George Erdahl, PO Box 12, Langford, SD 57454. 605-493-6496.

I am trying to find a serviceman, Cullen, from Boston. He was with the AAC and a POW in Japan. He would have been sent to NJ or NY after coming home. An old story, but he met a woman, and left her a few years later. He was born in 1923. After coming back he had a mental breakdown and that is about all I know. Any help  would be appreciated. Linda Maloney, 17 Tobins Lane, Highland Falls, NY 10928.

Two former Prisoners of War who were interred at the Davao penal Colony died in the sinking of the Shinyo Maru hell ship, 7 September, 1944. Their names are EDWIN L CHRISTENSEN and LEROY E. CHRISTENSEN; I am trying to learn if anyone knows if these two men were related; similarly, the Shinyo Maru victims include three men named JENSEN, Russel S. Jensen; Forrest S. Jensen and Edward C. Jensen.  I am trying to learn if any of these men were related as well. Thanks, Joel Millman US-Mexico Border Bureau THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 760-510-6737.

I am seeking information about a man and an airplane. The man is S/Sgt. James J. Savage. He appears on the Mighty Eighth Air Force Roll of Honor, from Minneapolis as a prisoner of war. He was shot down on 24 December 1944 in B-17 #42-31574 “Ole George”. He was a member of the 92nd Bomb Group, 327th Squadron. I would like info. regarding the specific mission he was on when his a/c was shot down. Also, I would like a picture of Ole George or a description of the a/c markings and colors. Sgt. Savage came home, married and had 5 great kids, 3 sons and 2 daughters. I am married to Anne. My hobby is plastic model a/c and I am in the process of building a B-17 E or F in hopes that one of these is correct. I want to give the Sgt’s kids the airplane for Christmas with as much information about the mission as possible. Bob Bailey, 7081 Ft. Ridgley Rd. Houston, MN 55943.

I’m attempting to locate EX POW from Baker County Oregon. His name is Edward E Clevenger. He was a medic assigned to the 35Th Inf Reg of the 25th Inf Div. He was a PFC at the time his serial number was RA 19351555. He was captured on or about 27 Nov 1950.  Robert Randall, 9717 Wylie Rd. Hopkins S.C. 29061

Does anyone know of Max Myers, an Army medic enlisted man who spent 38 months as a POW in North Korea, and later, in 1955-56,served with me in an Army medical detachment in Austria and Italy?  A great guy. Larry L. Wade, 867 Tufts Ct., Woodland, CA 95695

I am making this inquiry for my Uncle, George Abood, who was a tail gunner shot down and captured over Germany. He is trying to locate either a story or a Bio about the forced march he and many other were forced to make from one camp to another in the late winter of 1944?  It was about 500 miles from Feb to Apr.  He says it was known as the Black March. Can you get any info on this? I can get more information if you need it. Thank you; George Gafric

Does anyone have any information on my Uncle PFC Herman Scull, 893rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, Company C.  POW 7 Nov 1944, Hurtgen Forest.  Was sent to Stalag 2 B. Paul E. Scull, 1431 E. Chestnut Ave. Vineland, NJ 08361

There are some questions about my father-in-law, John O Manning, I would like to have answered. He was a POW in Bilibid when rescued, but also spent time in other prison camps. My wife and I are in possession of his mess cup that he had engraved while he was imprisoned, using a nail we believe, as he almost never talked about his 2 and 1/2 years as a POW. He died in 1995 and we would have probably left it at that but this June we received from England the rest of his mess kit, also engraved. A British soldier found it on the beach in the Philippines and took it home with him. When his grand-daughter asked if he had something from W.W.II that she could take to school, he found the mess kit that he had forgotten about and tried to contact the rightful owner or his heirs through a veterans magazine (my father-in-law had his name engraved on the mess kit). I would like to find anyone that has ever heard of my father-in-law or seen or heard of this mess kit before? Thank you. James and/or Carol Wakley, 5823 Brockport Spencerport Rd, Brockport, NY, 14420.

My grandfather, Charles Edward Maurer, served in the Bloody Bucket Brigade, was captured (according to my grandmother) in the Black Forest and held at Stalag #9, and released on Easter Sunday 1945. My  grandfather died when my father was just a child, and while working on my family history, I am searching for any information to help me know him. My information is as follows:  Beth Maurer, 8650 SW 67 Av #1037, Miami, FL 33143.

Edgar Ruetten, Merreter 1 a, D 41179 Moenchengladbach, Germany is looking for former POW in Moenchengladbach (former spelling: M.Gladbach, Muenchen-Gladbach or Gladbach) and in the suburbs Rheydt, Rheindahlen (former spelling: Dahlen), Wickrath, Odenkirchen, Giesenkirchen, Hardt and Neuwerk. He researches about his hometown in the years 1933 to 1945, mainly forced labours during WW II.Tel.: +49/2161/580339;  Mobil: +49/170/4740325.

I’m looking for anyone who knew my father-in-law Ernest Phillips, since he was an NCO he may have been in Stalag 17B, but I cannot confirm that ! He was S/SGT. Ernest (Ernie) Phillips. He was a Left Waist Gunner on a B17G named “Six Nights in Telergma (Arabian Nights). 8th AF , 390 Bomb Group. 568 Air Squadron.  Shot down over Emden, GRM.  11 Dec 43. Hit by rocket at IP. Lifson, Warren,  Phillips POW, rest KIA.  MACR # 1583. He spent 17 months in a Stalag (?) and was rescued on 4 May 1945.  He was known to be a great cook,  was that true? He had a career with the US Air Force and retired in Sept. 1969.  Ernest Phillips died from colon cancer, at David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB, CA. on Jan. 31, 1975.   In 1989, I applied for and got Ernie’s POW medal from the U.S. Air Force, 44 years after the fact, for his widow Ada Phillips.  Anybody out there remember Ernie? Thank you for your sacrafices and God Bless, Tom Watson, 119 Daniel Moore, Portland, TX 78374. 361-643-4905 Email:

Do you have any information about a Mr. Jordan Donaldson  who fought in The Battle of the Bulge and was held as a prisoner of war.  He is deceased now, but I am helping his daughter find out more about him during the war.  Also, does anyone know of Donald Curenton who was also held as a prisoner of war during WWII.  Thank you, Donna Powell

I am trying to find the top rank and any medals received for Mr. Gilbert Kenneth Carder, drafted from Frankfort, KY who was also a POW during WWII. Any information would be greatly appreciated. David Leslie Young, 1021 Mt. Gilead Rd., New Castle, KY  40050. e-mail

My husband comes from a long line of military background men.  They range from WWII to the Korean War to his own personal experiences in the service.  My husband, Larry Dessing, is a Marine and served this beautiful country from 1983 until 1988.  In talking with his father, (Roland Dessing, also a former Marine) on Father’s Day, we learned that he had a great uncle that served in WWII and was a POW.  We were wondering if you could find us some information on him.  His name is Anthony “Tony” VanRycke, he served in the Air Force, he was at a Japanese prison camp and supposedly he died there.  My father-in-law remembers getting a tele-graph stating that he had passed, but doesn’t remember what camp or when.  Could you please try to find some information for us?  We would really appreciate any information that you could find.  It is really neat finding out where you come from, who your relatives were and what they did!! Thank you for all your time and information that you might find in advance. Brenda & Larry Dessing, 504 Locust Street, Prophetstown, Illinois 61277.

Looking for J.F.Westerman who was a pilot from Narberth, Pennsylvania, or any of his family, or anyone that would have known him.   He volunteered for the Royal Canadian Air Force and was stationed with my Father ( Ed Jury of London England) at Middleton St. George airbase in Yorkshire, England.  He  was assigned to Moose Squadron ( 419 Sq ) on Halifax bombers.  On his first mission, the plane was shot down over Stettin Docks on 20th April 1943.  I would welcome anyone who might have information on how to trace him via records in Pennsylvania or Phillidelphia also.  My 79 year old Father would like to contact this man.    email or mail Nick Jury, 37 Moreton Street, London, SW1V 2NY England.

We are trying to locate Abie Abraham for any information that he may be able to give us regarding a friend of his, our grandfather / great grandfather, 1st Sergeant Arthur Chester Houghtby, 31st Inf. Robert Arthur Houghtby, PO BOX 104 , LIKELY, CA  96116  530 233 4102  or Captain Arthur Chester Houghtby II USMC, 101 Enfield, Norfolk, VA 23505 . 757 423 0731.

Please give me whatever you have regarding my father 1Lt. Thomas D. Crabtree -he was a prisoner of war at the Bilibid camp, Manila , Philippine.  I wish to have you put out a look out or by whatever name you call it , my postal address is at:   Pauline Genevieve Crabtree, GV Building   JetLink, Veterans Avenue,  Zamboanga City, Philippines 7000.

How would I locate the depositions taken by former WW2 POW’s in the Ofuna POW Camp, Ofuna, Honshu, Japan?  Roger E. Ragain, USAAF went there just as the war ended.  After the war, he gave a deposition in Mr. Pleasant, TX about his experiences there.  I’m researching his war years to write something for his grandchildren (he died 33 yrs ago).  They are my grandchildren too.  Can you help me find that document.  Tried a web search.  Found nothing. Lee Cary 3726 Misty Cove, Little Elm, Texas75068  972.292.1133

I am looking for any information on my wife’s uncle, PFC Vernie L. James of Forrest, New Mexico. PFC James was in the 200th Coastal Artillery on Bataan in 1941/42 and spent several years in the camps before his death on the Arisan Maru in 1944. We would like to hear any information of which camp he was in and from anyone who had contact with him. Larry Sanderson, 1624 Marquis, Hobbs, NM 88240, 505-392-6159.

I am interested in finding out about a patient who was a POW of Japan in W11. However, I can only remember his first name which I think was Jay. He was a patient at Bay Pines VA hospital about 1960 and lived in Fla. He was married and his wife intended to write a book about his life as a POW.  Any information will be greatly appreciated. Dolores Jeanne (Updike) Russell, 1002 Smith ave., Lebanon, Pa., 17042.

My name is Robin Rogers and I am searching for might information about my father, who was a Rainbow soldier and a POW..  My e-mail address is: Here is my address: Robin Rogers, 7305 Grenola Way, Citrus Heights, CA 95621.

My name is Dan Lee of Frankfort, Il and I recently was helping my mother-in-law clean up in her basement and I discovered a cardboard tube from the War Department and there were a number of medals and certificates in the name of Pvt. Jerome Slavik, U.S. Army.  I questioned my in -law and she said Jerome was her brother who went away to the army in WWII and never returned. She was a girl at the time and her mother never spoke of Jerome again.  The Purple Heart Certificate indicated a date of death as 10-24-44. I interviewed a distant relative and he indicated Jerome was in the Philippines in 1941-42 and was captured by invading Japanese forces.  I found a document from the VA that also indicated the date of death as 10-24-44 in the southwest pacific area and it listed Jerome as an x-pow, interned on 5-7-42. I emailed Stephen Ambrose, the war historian and he indicated that a unmarked Jap pow ship was accidentally sank by a US sub with great loss of life.  I would like to memorialize Jerome’s service in a shadowbox with his medals and ribbons but cannot move the records center in St. Louis to assist me.  If you have any advice on the direction I may take please shoot me an email. Jerome’s unit according to the VA paper was 60th CAC. 8316 w wintergreen Dr, Frankfort, IL 60423.

I am looking for anyone who knew my grandfather, Staff SGT Edwin Elroy “Gene” Bulford.  He was a waist gunner on a B-24 in Europe.  He was shot down and became a POW in Stalag XVII-B in Krems, Austria.  His Prisoner# was 105257.  He passed away in 1987 and has become quite an inspiration to me.  I would love to hear from anyone that knew him or has been back to Krems.  I intend on visiting the campsite some day.  Thank you for your time.  I may be reached via email: or regular mail: Robert Bitzer, 1902 Knollwood Drive, Middletown, New Jersey 07748. 

Is there anyone who may remember M/Sgt Jesse J. Hucks who was with the 27th Bombardment Group, arrived in Manila on Thanksgiving Day of 1941?  Daddy was quite a bit older than most of you, having joined the Army in 1921, and quickly moved into the Army Air Corps. Our last stateside station was Hunter Field, Savannah, Ga. and Mother and I spent the war years with her parents in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Daddy was liberated at Bilibid in early February 1945, the 6th? and I would like to know what Military group were the liberators.  Also, is there any one still around who may have been in Bilibid at time of liberation?  Patsy Hucks Beaty -e-mail 

I am looking for anyone who may have known my grandfather Lt. Walter A.  “Bulgy” Kelso Jr. during his captivity at DAPECOL, Cabanatuan, Bilibid, or especially on the Oryoku Maru. Any Oryoku Maru survivor please contact me.

I have recently realized the lack of knowledge I have about my father’s experiences as a Prisoner of the Germans in WWII. I am researching this for my family — especially for his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He passed away two years ago and my mother has only a few months to live. As I’ve been talking with her I am getting more information (he told her but would never talk about it as we kids were growing up). My father was Sgt. S.L. “Nick” Nichols of Fort Worth, Texas. He was in the 36th Division, captured on or about Aug.25, ’44 in Southern France, probably somewhere south of Lyons. He was in the last of a group of five jeeps containing 27 men that ran into a German ambush. They were allowed to go through and the Germans opened fire on the last vehicle killing/wounding most of the men and capturing several including my father. At sometime during his captivity he and other prisoners were used as human shields on the outside of a bus carrying German soldiers. He was  wounded by shrapnel from an American artillery shell. At another time during transport they were in boxcars in the rail yards of Berlin when Allied bombers struck. Just after this he and some other prisoners were marched naked through the Brandenburg Gate where they were abused by the civilians. We know that he was in at least two POW camps (Stalag XII-A & Stalag III-C) possibly a third. When liberated from Stalag III-C by the Russians on or about January 29, 1945 he and other prisoners attempted to walk out through Czechoslovakia but had to turn around due to the danger of fighting ahead. During this journey they found an old farmer hanged by the Germans for refusing to milk his cow for them. They went through Russia, including Chernobyl and got to Odessa where, I assume, they were returned to American control. Either in or near Odessa, a building in which some ex-prisoners were sheltering collapsed, killing several of them. My father arrived home on April 29, 1945.Steve Nichols, P.O. Box 566, Haxtun, Colorado 80731.

S. L. Browder   5507 Timber Trace  San Antonio, TX 78250.  If it helps, my Uncle was from Arkansas; when December 7th happened, he was working in a CCC camp in Oregon, immediately drafted, quickly trained, and  sent to the Phillipines.

My husband served under a Major Ted Moroskie (don’t know the correct spelling, so I spelled it like it sounds). in l952-53 at Kirkland WA Headquaters Battery. He was on the Bataan Death March; his rank then was Captain. I know its been a long time but for years he’s talked about Ted and I thought maybe I could find out if he is still alive and maybe he could call him. All I know is, Ted told my husband when he was discharged——If you’re ever close to Rockingham Park give me a call. That is a throughbred Race Track in New Hampshire. My husband also worked as a carpenter with Jim Bogart, who was on the Bataan Death March and he knew Ted over there. Jim was with a group of veterans who went to Bataan in 1999. He was invited to go by Peter Wainwright, son of Gen. Jonathan Wainwright who was a native of Walla Walla, WA. Any information you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Ruby McDowell, 4014 W. 12th Ave, Kennewick, Wa. 99338

Seeking information on the bombing target of Blechammer North and Blechammer South, where bombers were often shot down and some of the crews became POW’s. My late father was a POW in one of the POW camps that were located in the target area and some of the crews would be smuggled into his camp before their official internment by the Germans.Does anyone please have details of the 1944 missions and maps or photographs of the area. What happened to the crews who became POW’s? Mrs. A Robertson, 29 glenarm Crescent, Brant Road, Lincoln, LN5 9TX, England.

I am searching for information about my uncles, who were POW’s in North Korea. Charles Henry Grubb 31 INF RGT 7 INF DIV, Home town: Gilbert, Mingo Co, WV, Army CPL-E4, Service # 15408619-MOS:04812. Hostile, Died (KIA). My other uncle, on my father’s side of the family was in three POW camps. However, he claims he was in one of the POW camps that Charles was when he died. I am hoping to trace the POW camps, cross reference them and get a better location of where Charles may have been killed and buried. His information as follows: Shirley (Shirl) Grimmett, 0008 CAV RGT (INF) 1 CAV DIV Residence:WV, Cas date: 1950-11-02. Barbara Crawford, 67 Justice Way Elkton MD 21921.

Looking for anyone who might have known or served with a man named Norman Lonon, who survived the Bataan Death March. Not much else is known of Mr. Lonon, except he died in the 1960;s in Mineral Springs, Arkansas, where he was currently living. Reggie Cowling 369 Ridgeview Lane, Russellville AR 72802-1925.

I am Floyd A Wilmoth, MSG (ret) 1816 Wilmoth Rd, Boonville, NC 27011, e-mail: I am searching for the eleven crew members that were captured by the Cambodian Gov. on 17 Jul 68 and held captive for five months and two days, were released on 19 Jul 68 and their addresses if possible.

My uncle Joe who died on the final day of the liberation of Manila (Feb. 1945), befriended a family by the name of Thomas May Knight, 2nd. The Knight family was interned at Santo Thomas. We have a letter from Margaurette Knight, the mother, regarding my Uncle’s charity to the family. They had a five year old son, who might still be alive. I would like to confirm some pictures. Can you help?

My father PFC Robert (Bob) Herrman was a member of the 34th Infantry Division with the 168th Infantry Regiment. He was captured by the German army during the campaign in North Africa /Tunisia. He was a POW in Stalag IIB for almost 2 and a half years. I am doing research on my father’s war experiences. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who was also a POW in Stalag IIB or from anyone who has information on the Stalag.

I am Judy Keiser and I am searching for anyone who can give me information on William Phillips. During WWII he was with the 461st. Bomb Group, 764th Squadron. Serial #14085337, MOS#756, 15th Air Force. He was an ex-POW in either a German or Italian POW camp. I would like to find out more about him. I am his Sister-in-Law and I am doing this for his daughters. William never said much and didn’t like to talk about the war. He was a B-24 Liberator pilot.


Dog Tags Found In Viet Nam

On a recent “Today Show” there was a story about two men who went to Hanoi on a business trip. The men encountered a guy selling old GI dog tags from US servicemen who were killed during the Viet Nam War. They were disgusted by the thought of this man profiting from the sale of these tags.

Upon returning to the U.S., they decided to go back to Viet Nam and purchase ALL the dog tags. They did so, paying 19 cents per tag! They brought home several hundred tags. The plan is to return the tags to surviving family members, when they can find them. The process has already begun with one set being turned over to a grieving Mom on July 4th.

These two men have set up a website,  listing the names of all those whose tags they purchased. If you lost friends, family, or know of someone who lost a loved one in Viet Nam, I suggest you check out this website. If you recognize a name, there’s an e-mail address to contact these two men and to help in their efforts to return the dog tag to its rightful survivor. I’m sure a family member would be eternally grateful to have such an important item returned. Please help by checking this website. And please send the website address to everyone you know. The more people who see the lists, the greater the chance of returning ALL the tags to those who lost loved ones in Viet Nam!


September 2001 

I am trying to find anyone who was flying with or in POW camp with my father - TSgt Francis G. O’Connell. I believe he was flying out of England on a Liberator  (bombardier) when he was shot down. His grave is in Arlington Cemetery. He was in camp with Mel Inbody (who is also deceased). Thanks for your assistance. Catherine Bishop, 10032 Scewnic View Terrace, Vienna VA 22182, 703-759-1965. E-mail

John Clifford Oldfield was my father. He usually went by the name Cliff, but was also known by John sometimes. He was from New York City. He was captured during World War II, and was imprisoned in Oflag 64 from November 1944 until he escaped during the evacuation of the camp. He made it home and raised a family of four children, but did not like to talk much about the
war. He died in 1980. If there is anyone who has any information about my father, my family and I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, and thank you to all the ex-POW’s who made such sacrifices for us. My address is Richard Oldfield, 17 Surrey Lane, Bergenfield, NJ 07621

I am seeking information on CPL Cecil Ivan Cook, US Army Air Corps. Our family was notified that he died as a POW in Camp B PW Camp #4 O’Donnell, Tarlac, Luzon, Philippines. We would appreciate any additional information that anyone has about him. My name is: MaryAnne Toepperwein, 8011 Pimlico, Fair Oaks, TX  78015

I am a National Service Officer for the Military Order of the Purple Heart located in Wilmington, Delaware. I am trying to locate any AXPOW’s who may have known John Gallagher from Ocean City NJ. Mr. Gallagher was a member of the 8th AF, 95th BG and was shot down on September 6, 1943 over Stuttgart Germany, and was sent to Stalag 17B. Mr. Gallagher passed away on Easter Sunday, 2001. I am trying to get his family the Purple Heart Medal. Mr. Gallagher was stabbed in the back of the head by his German captors. Unfortunately his records in St. Louis, MO do not mention this wound. If anyone can help document this injury please come forward and make contact with me. My E-Mail address is Richard M. Magner, National Service Officer, Military Order of the Purple Heart, VA Regional Office, Bldg. 13 1601 Kirkwood Hwy. Wilmington, DE 19805. Phone (302) 633-5508

I am looking for information about my Grandfather, John (Jack) Bryce Carpenter. He was captured during WWII in (I believe) North Africa and was held for 3 years at Oflag 64. My grandfather passed away nearly 20 years ago, when I was far too young to know him well. I am seeking information to compile a family history for my children. Danna Lockerby, 24904 235th Way SE, Maple Valley WA 98038

I am looking for Chief Machinist (W-4) Samuel I. Kelley, US Navy, POW, Japan, Bataan survivor, Served with him onboard the USS Seneca (ATF-91) 1948-1952. Wife’s name Dorothy from Reading, PA. Dale H. Wolfe, exQM1, USN. Retired US Army as CW3. 1199 Jarrett Road, Norfolk, Va. 23502

I am looking for a former P.O.W. that was held in the late 60’s, early 70’s. All I know is his name, Jim Young. I do not have his address or phone number. If you can offer any assistance I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Curt Newcom and I am the nephew of Lt. Col. Charles Shelton. I can be reached at 270-684-3244 or

I am looking for any former POWs who knew Edward Asbury. I am his granddaughter but before he passed on I never got to talk to him about the war or anything. Please if you knew or know any one who knew him, write to me. Misty Wilson 29 Sycamore Street, Brownsburg, Indiana 46112.

I’m looking for anyone who knew my father-in-law at Stalag 17B or history of Stalag 17B.He was S/SGT. Ernest (Ernie) Phillips. He was a Left Waist Gunner on a B17G named “Six Nights in Telergma (Arabian Nights). 8th AF, 390 Bomb Group. 568 Air Squadron. Shot down over Emden, GRM. 11 Dec 43. Hit by rocket at IP. Lifson, Warren, Phillips POW, rest KIA. MACR # 1583. He spent 17 months at Stalag 17B. He was known to be a great cook, was that true? Thank you, Tom Watson 119 Daniel Moore Portland, TX 78374 361-643-4905; Email:

Hello. My name is Jeff Toler and I want to learn more about the grandfather that I never knew. Reuben K. “Tex” Toler - Air Force 7/13/24-4/24/66 He was a decorated Air Force Veteran who served in both W.W.II and the Korean War. Also was a survivor of the Bataan Death March but due to a brain tumor believed to be caused from the March he passed away in 1966. I am currently looking to obtain more information about him. Jeff Toler, 103 Hodge Avenue, Ansonia, CT   06401 203-840-0770;

My father-in-law was a former POW of WWII. He was a waist gunner on a B 17G Flying Fortress. He served in the 15th Air Force, 72nd Bomb Squadron and 463rd Bomb Group stationed in Foggia, Italy. He was shot down over Bologna, Italy on Oct 12, 1944. He was imprisoned at Stalag Luft IV Germany and liberated on April 29, 1945. His name is Hiram C. Kiser. Please let us hear from you if you shared any of these memories.

I would be interested in hearing stories from any Ex-POWs who were rescued by the hospital ship the USS Benevolence in Tokyo Bay. A family member was a nurse on that hospital ship. Thank you, Estelle McDoniel 1861 W. Desert Highlands, Tucson, AZ 85737

I am looking for Philo Howard and Jake Norris, both held by the Germans, both from Texas originally. Harold Samberg, 3729 Schneider Rd, Toledo, Ohio 43614; 419 382 7527

My name is Shanan Wroth. I am after any information anyone may have regarding my grandfather, Sgt James Campbell, who was captured by the Japanese at Impalanto in April 1942. He was a prisoner of the Japanese for 3 years and I believe that he was held at Bilibid prison. If anyone has any information or stories regarding my grandfather I would greatly appreciate hearing them. I can be contacted by email at or my postal address is 18 Armata Walk, Mirrabooka, Western Australia, 6061.

I am the son-in-law of Pvt. Perfader G. Ring. He was a POW in Germany during World War 2. He told me that he was with the 28th Inf. Just wanting to know if any body knew of him or knows him. He was from Galax, Virginia. I can be reached at MSU1765@TRIAD.RR.COM and my mailing address is Mark S. Underwood, 5004 Kaybrook Drive Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27105.

I am looking for info on my father, Cecil [Skip] Horner. He was in the 110th Inf., 28th Div. with a Mechanized Unit. Captured at Luxemburg in a church in the Battle of the Bulge. This info is given by my mother and is to the best of her knowledge. He was supposed to have been taken prisoner just after Christmas, but went in around Dec. 16-18 1944. Taken to Stalag 1 [?] and later to Bad Orb and was believed to have been liberated from that camp. He had a friend named Paul Wolfgang from PA that went through the war and the prison camps with him. I’m sorry to say that my father passed away in 1976. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheryl Moore 412 W. South St. Boswell, IN 47921

I am trying to find someone who knew my mother’s cousin, Arvid Lehto, a draftee in the US Army. His home was in northern Minnesota. The family was advised that he died in the Bataan Death March and that is the only information we have received. If there is a survivor who might remember him and could give me some further information, I would certainly appreciate it. If you know of the existence of the listing of the men who died in the death, I would appreciate receiving that as well. Gerrie DeDakis 613 Cambridge Avenue Fort Walton Beach, FL  32547;

My name is Cliff Lee Coffey; I am an army veteran 1983-1986. I have an entire paper wallet containing the photo ID of one PFC Frank Jeff Burns Jr., who looks to have been a prisoner of war in the Philippines from somewhere around Jan. 25, 1942 and on until 1943, 1944 and 1945. Also contained in this wallet are several Red Cross receipts for food packages, one paper ID written in Spanish claiming “Upon the presentation of this card this man will be allowed to pass.” One standard New Years greetings card from Paul Marella, Archbishop Apostolic Delegate To Nippon, and some Japanese looking money in different denominations. It appears this man somehow kept a paper record of each year he was in prison by saving these documents. My uncle Jimmy helped free some camps in the Philippines. If you recognize the name of this person or know members of his family, I would appreciate hearing from you. E-mail me at: 926 Leslie rd. #A, El Cajon, CA, 92020.

I am researching the WWII POW camps in the Philippines, on-site as well as online, and would like to place an ad in the Bulletin asking survivors of these camps if they would like to write and share their experiences or after-thoughts with me. My purpose is to do a survey report on these camps; using the information I am picking up in the Philippines, and the personal histories and reflections of former inmates, and produce a book. I am not certain how you might want to handle this request in the Bulletin, or if you normally offer assistance to researchers, so I am very interested in your reply. Jim Ascencio, 15745 Pole Mountain Road, Cazadero, CA 95421.

My father, Henry Neal Green, from Muscle Shoals, AL, in Colbert County, or it could have been listed as Tuscumbia, AL, was a prisoner of war in Germany, being taken captive, I think, on Christmas Day, 1944. He was later in a Paris, France, hospital and then brought to the states and hospitalized for some time. If I am correct, he was in the 110th Infantry. I just wonder if there is anyone who could have been with him during some of this time? Norma Green Elledge, 818 Volunteer Dr. Tuscumbia, AL 35674

I am researching the History of Dulag Luft, Oberursel, Germany and would love to hear from any ex-pow who was interned at the camp. I would appreciate any assistance. Sam Flynn,

.My uncle Anthony VonRycke was in the AAF with the 20th Air Base Group at Nichols Field. He was in the 1st Battalion Provisional Air Corp Regiment as infantry on the defense lines between Bagac-Pilar/Orion lines. He was interned at O’Donnell then moved to Cabanatuan where he died of dysentery and malaria. Any information would be appreciated. Tonyu Lootens, RR 1, Box 80-4, Macomb, MO  65702.

Jake Guiles was a POW of the Japanese for 3 ½ years. The last camp he was in was B-5 Niigata, and he is looking for information about four navy fighter pilots who dropped supplies to them after the war ended. A.B. Cummings, Baltimore, MD; Don Wagoner, Rochester, NY; John L. Koch, Sullivan, MO; R.L. Rodsednia, Bynum, TX. They supposedly were flying off the carrier Cowpens. Please contact Jake at: 5024 Eldorado Dr., Ft. Worth, TX 76180; (817) 427-0241.

Hi. I am looking for my Great Uncle who was in a German Prison camp. Unfortunately, my Grandmother passed away before I could take down much info. His name was Walter Brosky. Any information would be helpful as I am trying to trace down my family history. Andy Burgireno 297 Willow Dr, Hartland, WI 53029.

About March 1944 this man who was lying alongside of me on the floor in the hallway of a Florentine hospital was bitterly complaining about his gangrenous foot. Over a year later, we met again on board the prisoner exchange ship, the Gripsholm. He stood on the pitching deck with crutches, minus that leg, thanking me for saving his life. It was I who alerted the Germans to his plight. If you know him, contact: Joseph Millman, Box 483, Spring Glen, NY  12483.

I am looking for a family member of Perry Franklin who was a POW in Stalag IVB. Apparently, Mr. Franklin died while in prison camp on Jan. 6, 1945. My husband, Arnold Edwards was a POW during the same time. We have a picture of Mr. Franklin’s funeral and I thought a family member would like a copy. On the back it shows the address at the time for his wife at 6542 Van Nuys Ave., Los Angeles, CA. I can be reached at PO Box 190, Wolffort, TX 79382 or e-mail:

My uncle, Forrest Edward Wooley, was a POW in the Philippines during WWII. He was in the AAF with the Aviation Engineers, Luzon Island. He was taken prisoner when Corregidor fell, and transferred to a camp on Formosa. He died of beriberi and a broken hip. If you knew him, please contact Carolyn McAndrew, PO Box 98, Brinnon, WA  98320.

My name and address is Bill Donovan, 74 Chestnut Street, North Adams, MA 01247. My email address is I am seeking info on my uncle, Tech Sgt. Daniel J. Donovan. He flew in a B-24 named Cherry II and was shot down on a mission to bomb Munich on June 9, 1944. He was a prisoner in Stalag Luft VIIA until being liberated in 1945. Also if anyone is interested in a very interesting website about Stalag Luft VIIA, here is the address:

My father, William Alexander Parks, (deceased since 1972) was an American navy radioman during WWII. He was originally from Long Island, New York. My father was stationed with the US marines on Corregidor and was captured by the Japanese. He survived the Bataan Death March, and he was a POW in a factory in Japan (Tarkafu/Takefu camp?) during the remainder of the war. I have his diary that he kept during his imprisonment, which he used during the war trials, and the diary has a number of names of US and Australian servicemen. I am a historian and a college instructor, and I am eager to find any fellow survivors who remember my father, who were either on Corregidor with him or who were in the same POW camp in Japan. Mrs. Paulette Buchanan, 278 Prospect Hill Road, Colchester, CT  06415;

My Dad was Joel Glenn Cannaday; he joined the Army in September 1941 in Dallas, TX. in the Quartermaster Corps & was assigned to Fort McDowell.  He was there till October 1941. He left the US by way of Fort Mason, California and arrived at Manila on October 23, 1941. He was in the battle of Corregidor from December 29th, 1941 till May 6th, 1942. He served under Captain Roper, F.F. Kriwanek and Amos Norton. He was captured while serving under Norton. His finger was cut off and I remember him saying that the Japanese doctor wanted to sew it back on and Dad told him to cut it the rest of the way. He became a linguist while in the POW camp, learning Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, etc. He spoke of dog meat, rice with bugs, walking skeletons, etc. My memories seem to be very vague and I would like my children  & grandchildren to know who he was. Shay Forson, 2020 Southridge, Arlington, TX. 76010;

I am looking for anyone who may have known my great-grandfather, RALPH E. ELLIS (SR.). He was stationed to Bataan, and became a POW when Bataan fell. He was at Cabanatuan POW Camp #1, and was rescued by the 6TH. ARMY RANGERS, in January 1945. My mailing address is: Rhianna M. Schoonover, 6603A W. Columbine Dr., USAF Academy, CO 80840;

I am trying to find out more information on my stepfather, Lawrence Edward Waugh, who served in the 60th Coastal Artillery Corps in Corregidor. He was taken prisoner by the Japanese and spent some time in Yokohama Camp #1. I have been told his prisoner number was 763 and that he was a part of Group #6 at that camp. He was a corporal in the Army and would have been about 19-20 at the beginning of his imprisonment. He was from Columbus, Ohio and died of cancer in 1967 at the age of 43. Anyone having information on him please contact me at or by writing Jack E. Hawley, 1640 Old Spartanburg Hwy, Pacolet, S.C. 29372.

My beloved cousin, Harold A. Morey, was captured by the Japanese on Corregidor. I understand that he was killed near the end of Word War II. If any prisoner still living knew Harold I would be deeply appreciative to hear from you. A. Warren Morey, 6407 Lansdowne Court, Granbury, Texas 76049; e-mail:

My father, Ralph S. Callahan was a POW in a German camp. He never talked about his experiences and is now deceased. Any info I could get would be welcomed. All I know is that he was in the Air Force or Army Air Corp and that he was interred with a man named Gordon Rowe. Both were from Rochester NY. Donna McLean

I am searching for information on my grandfather, Cpl. Joseph Mazur, 60th CAC Battery “B” Corregidor. On May 4th 1942, he was seriously wounded in the right leg, later amputated, while returning to the Command Post through shell bursts, voluntarily running messages to the guns after communications had been destroyed between the guns and the Command Post. He was imprisoned at Bilibid for at least three years. If any one has any information on him or any of these events please contact me., or Charles D. Brandt Jr., 1401 Chickadee La. VA Beach, VA 23454.

I am looking for ex members of the American Company, American Cavalry Troop, or American Machine Gun Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, who were prisoners of the Japanese in Shanghai during World War 2. I am desperately looking for an example of their cap badge for an upcoming book. I can be contacted by email at or at Karl Spencer, Flat E, 22/F, Malibu Garden, 3-Tsui Man Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

I have a request. I’m looking for anyone who knows my Grandfather. I know he was a POW  in WWII at Stalag XVII B. I never got to know him either did my Mother. We are looking for someone who might know him and could tell us something about him. My Grandfather’s name is Frank E. Doss. His plan went down on December 20 1943. He was a POW for about 18 months. You can reach me. Christine Bitter, or 336 E Alluival sp 287 Fresno Ca 93720.

Larry Herrman,  99 Anita Drive, Pittsfield, MA  01201  My father PFC Robert (Bob) Herrman was a member of the 34th Infantry Division with the 168th Infantry Regiment. He was captured by the German army during the campaign in North Africa /Tunisia. He was a POW in Stalag IIB for almost 2 and a half years. I am doing research on my father’s war experiences. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who was also a POW in Stalag IIB or from anyone who has information on the Stalag..

I am seeking contact with anyone who may have knowledge of, or information regarding my father, Walter L. McCarthy, a civilian mining engineer employed by Cocoa Bay Mining Co., Paracale, Camarines Norte, at the time of the Japanese invasion. He was born in San Francisco in 1898. I have recently learned from US National Archives that he may have been liberated in the spring of 1945 and repatriated prior to the spring of 1946. Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by Email as or at 306 Huskey Mtn. Rd., Lacey’s Spring, AL 35754; Kelly M. Schriver.

I am looking for information on Father Albert W. Braun (LtC). He is my husband’s Great Uncle and fought on the front lines of France in 1918 during World War I and in the Battle of Bataan in World War II. He was wounded on the front lines during the assault on the Hindenburg Line. And in 1940 was asked by Gen. William Arnold at Fort Sam Houston to help get chaplains to volunteer for the Philippines. Father Albert was made the honorary chaplain of the 200th Coast Artillery. After Bataan fell in April 1942 and Corregidor in May 1942, he spent 3 1/2 hears in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Father Albert was awarded the Legion of Merit and the Silver Star. Debbie Brown,, PO Box 900386, Sandy, UT  84090

Roger E. Ragain, SGT, USAAF, 38447693, 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron, was captured by the Japanese on or about 3/13/45 and spent the remainder of the war at the Ofuna POW Camp. He and I are grandfathers of the same grandchildren. He was killed by a drunk driver over 30 yrs ago. I’d like to tell his grandchildren about him. I’m searching for anyone that served with him then. Any leads? Lee Cary, Little Elm, Texas;

I would like to find anyone who knew Clifton Joseph Mathis. He was a POW during WWII. He was in the Navy at the time. He later joined the Army. He was from Mississippi. He was my uncle. His ship sank and he was  captured by the Japanese. Please if anyone knew him contact me. Irene Morris 1726 Olive Indianapolis, IN 46203.


August 2001

I am looking for anyone who knew my father, Wayne Heuer, and will share their memories with me. He was in Co. G, 232nd Inf. Reg., 42nd Rainbow Div. He fought in the areas around Strasbourg and was captured 5 January 1945. After being marched around for many days, he ended up in Stalag IV B near Muhlberg, Germany. I would welcome hearing from anyone who knew him, or fought in the town of Colmar, or was in IV B. He was a wonderful father and I want to honor his memory by keeping his story alive for my sons and future generations.   Robin Rogers, 7305 Grenola Way, Citrus Heights,  CA  95621.

I am trying to find 4 friends from prison camp. We were all in the 26th Reg. 1st  Div. Captured in Kasserine Pass Jan. 28, l943. Joseph Nolle, don’t know where  he originally came from, Francis Leap, Eric Sober, and Joseph Corrona  formerly from Paterson NJ.. Would appreciate any help you can give. Salvatore Mirabello. e-mail  406 NW  68th Ave., #511, Plantation, Fl. 33317

I would like to talk with anyone who was in prison camp with my father, Lloyd Lovell Boatwright, hometown Henderson, TX. He was on the Bataan Death March and held at POW camps in Japan. He passed away 12/5/1985 at the age of 65. Told us many stories that break my heart to this day. He was such a wonderful man. I would love to share his life with people who knew him in prison camp. Connie Boatwright Conner.

Looking for anyone that might have served with Sylvio Derosier in WWII in France. We understand that he along with one other man escaped and found their way to Gibraltar. Mary Derosier.

My now deceased uncle, Talmadge A. Smithey, a retired Navy commander from  Alabama who spent three years and four months as a Japanese POW, was flown to the Philippines several years ago to receive some type of medal from the country. I need details of that presentation for a book I am writing about my uncle’s experiences. Can you help me? Waylon Smithey, 2082-H Alpine Apts., Birmingham, AL 35216.

I am looking for information about my grandfather Heston C Daniel, who was  a POW in Stalag Luft III between 1942-45.Michelle Valdez.

I would like to make contact with anyone who might have known my brother, James E.(Red) Piland. During his imprisonment in the Philippines during WW II. He was a civilian employee of Army Ordnance, stationed at Fort Mills, Corregidor. He was taken prisoner on May 6,1942 and subsequently spent time in Camp 1 (Cabanatuan) and camp 9. He was lost at sea in Oct, 1944 when the “hell ship”, Arisan Maru was torpedoed by a U.S. submarine.

Sixteen  34th Div. 168 Reg. F Co. were captured on Oct. 22,1944 in Italy, shipped in boxcars to Stalag VII-A in Moosburg, Germany. Liberated on April 29, 1945. I’m still searching for 3 in our captive group, or their surviving family members. I have written a story of our capture and POW experience. I want to share this bit of their history with them. [1] James T. Eddy Serial # 39248618 (in’44)- Los Angeles, CA. [2] Alfredo Ramirez   # 38441740 Hometown unknown. [3] Peter A. Vrabel # 33617776  (in’44)- St. Clair, PA. .  Robert C. Jackson,  9 Buchman Dr. Loudonville, NY 12211

Would appreciate knowing the present whereabouts of Doug Hicks and (_____) Lawson. These two and Rex Heckman and I escaped during march from Nuremberg to  Moosburg. Charles Herbert Shulman, 117 N Los Robles Dr. Goodyear, AZ 85338.

I am looking for information and anyone who might remember Lt. Hubert Noel Ballew, also known as Chief or Frosty,  living in Luft 1, Compound 1 North. He arrived sometime in the spring of ’44. He was also interrogated at Dulag Luft in Oberusel and thought to be a spy, kept in solitary confinement and tortured for a period of time. I believe he was in Barracks 107, room 14. He was with the 335th 4th FTR. Sq. in the 8th AF, and was shot down over Rheims, France, Feb. 1944. Please contact Balinda Hickman.

My father, Andrew Deloss Eaton, served on the USS POPE DD225 at the time of her sinking in March 1942. He was a ‘guest’ of the Japanese for the duration of WWII. He retired in 1959 after 24 years of service. Unfortunately, he passed away at the young age of 64 in 1981. As most children, I never seemed to have the time or interest to talk with my dad about his experience as a POW, along with his other life’s adventures. Then by the time I was mature enough to appreciate the history that he had to offer he was no longer around to ask. Recently I have gone to the internet to find out all the information that I can regarding the sinking of the POPE, the so-called rescue of the crew by the Japanese and the experiences as POWs, including their release. One of my father’s closest friends and fellow survivor of the sinking and POW years is Milton Strouse, who is 85 years old. I had the pleasure of meeting with him recently for dinner and we were able to do a lot of reminiscing. However, he was only with my father in the same came for about six months, then Mr. Strouse was sent to Japan because he was a ship fitter. If possible I would like to get in touch with more of the POW survivors from my father’s camp. Mr. Strouse said that the camp my father was in was not a documented site. I have been given the name of William Penninger and have been in touch with him. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, A. Druann (Eaton) Andrecht.

I am looking for any information on the service record and POW experiences of my maternal uncle William Carl Maddock who served with the army, was captured at Corregidor, survived the Bataan Death March and was a prisoner of war of the Japanese. He survived the war and became a recruiting Master Sgt in West Frankfort, Illinois. Apparently he worked in mines and steel mills while a prisoner of the Japanese. I may be reached at

I am looking for anyone who may have know my grandfather, C.A. Knothe. He was a WWII veteran and POW. I have some info on a “Missing Air Crew Report.” It reads that his organization:  Location: AAF Station 110   Command or Air Force:  6th Air Force  Group:  351st Bomb Gp. (H)  Squadron:  508th bomb. Pilot was:  Willis D. Smith  #0-677301. Co-pilot was:  Harlen B. Bixby #0-748533. I do have the rest of the crew including my grandfather, Charles A. (Augie) Knothe, tail gunner #32 463 628.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather was a wonderful man (passed away in 1992) with whom I didn’t get a chance to talk to him about his military career in WWII. He had closed that chapter of his life. Thank you, Danianne Gancy. e-mail:

I am searching for information about my father, Albert M. Kneffler of Canton, Ohio. He was reported missing in Oct. 02, 1944 and possibly sent to a prison camp , OFLAG #64 (not sure), he was an Army Infantry man, with the 311 and 80th , I think at the time of his capture he was in France. He was 5' 5", 175 lbs, dark hair & mustache, his nickname “Budd”. Any information about the camp or Albert M. Kneffler , please contact : Andy (330)308-5684

My name is Edy Ganem and I am looking for information on George Ganem who was my uncle. He was in the 8th division 96th bomb group. He was a gunner and shot down over the North Sea. He was a prisoner of war in Austria (Stalag 17B) If anyone remembers him please let me know. I am also trying to locate information on Frank Ganem. He was at Pearl Harbor on the ship Utah, survived it and was moved on to another ship called the USS Drexler, unfortunately he did not survive. My address is: Edy Ganem, 601 Lawndale, Victoria, Texas 77901or email me:

Looking for any information on my father, Frederick S. Small #31-311-860. He entered into active duty on 4-28-43. He was sent to Lake Charles, LA for training. Then he was assigned to MacDill Field in Tampa, Fla. He was sent from there to Australia in late 1943. He was assigned as a gunner on a B26 bomber under the command of Captain Kenneth Dean. On their third mission they were on their way to New Guinea when the Japanese shot them down over the Pacific Ocean. They were picked up by a Japanese submarine and brought to a prison camp, we believe, in Japan. Mr. Small’s right foot was injured in the plane crash and he needed medical attention. After being help prisoners for 11 months he and captain Dean escaped from the camp. We are trying to get any information we can on Mr. Small’s POW status at the time. Any help is greatly appreciated! Annemarie Elmore, 53 Aaron Street, Melrose MA 02176.

I am looking for information about Maurice Turner who was a waist gunner on a B-17 piloted by Gil Whitchurch and shot down over Germany on April 13, 1944. I, Gene Sylvester was the co-pilot. Maurice, or Rip, as we called him was from St. Pete, Florida at that time. Gene Sylvester, 1774 Hillside Dr, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. (856)-428-0270

I’m looking for information and anyone that knew or served with my uncle Alfred David, from Massachusetts. He was an Army Air Corp S/Sgt in the 384th Bomb Group. He was a gunner and their plane was shot down somewhere over Germany and was a POW and may have been in Stalag 4 or 6. There’s thought he may have participated on the well-known march of 9000 POW’s. I have, what is maybe a name?, of Grafton Underwood and am not sure how this fits in. He passed away and not much was said about his experience. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated by myself and his brother, Eddie, who was entering Germany with the Army 95th Inf Division while he was a POW. I can be reached at Thanks Gary David, 11 Dumas St , Lisbon Falls, Maine 04252

I am looking for anyone who might have know my father 2nd Lt. John D. Bante. He was a navigator on Aircraft 337869 (Blond Bomber) 447th Bomb Group (Rafflesdone)710 squadron, which was shot down on Nov. 25, 1944. My dad passed away in April 2000 without telling me or my siblings very much about his time in the service or in the prison camp. He was imprisoned in Stalag Luft I until the end of the war. Jean Bante Moore, 14218 Carolcrest, Houston, TX 77079.

I am looking for LaVerne Spence -- airman who was shot down March 29, l944 over Brunswick, Germany. He was a radio operator and his hometown was St. Louis MO. He made it through the war, saw him last August, l945 in St. Louis, MO. Serial  # 37406699. Please contact me at

I am seeking information regarding my father, Eugene Smigielski #365 56 647. He was taken prisoner of war on Dec. 17th in Ardennes. He served in the 280th tank destroyer battalion and was attached to 106th infantry. I am trying to find out what POW camp he was in. It could have been Stalag 3(A,B or C not known). His military papers say he was liberated on May 10th. My dad said by the Russians. Any information you have or sources you could refer me to would be greatly appreciated. My dad didn’t speak much about the war. He died on Jan. 27th 1992 and I’m trying to piece some information together to share with his grandchildren. Please contact: Carole Kveen, 4807 Oakville-Waltz, Carleton, MI 48117

I am searching for anyone who may have known my Uncle Pvt Jacob Linstra of Chicago. He was with the 28th Division possibly a Combat Engineer with the 103rd Engineer Battalion or 44th Engineer Battalion. Captured Approx 17 Dec sent to Stalag 9B Bad Orb. If you knew him or were at Bad Orb please reply. Jacob died after liberation. SFC John Linstra, 10220 North Executive Hills Blvd, Suite 620, Kansas City, MO,   64153, or

Ernest F Watson. PFC  service no.31288253  ss 027-16-8188  enrollment 4-14 1943 discharged 11-22-1945 Hg Co Inf. Interned Stalag 7-A Moosburg, Germany Oct 26 May 1 1945. Was listed missing in action until Feb 26 when parents received messages from people who had heard messages over short-wave German propaganda broadcast that he was a prisoner. He has passed away but, his wife was looking for anyone who knew him or anything of his time in the service. Please reply to “Jeannie Watson”.

I am looking for more information on my cousin Robert L. Galt. He was a Cpl. in the 2nd Division and I think captured in Feb 1951 in a great battle when his Company suffered great losses. He evidently died in a POW camp in the north of Korea a few months later. John W. Galt, 30 Holly Ave. Apt 404H, Shalimar, FL 32579-1156.

If anyone has any information regarding my father, Joseph J. Adams, who was in the Navy and went to Corregidor where he was captured on May 5, 1942. He went on to Bilibid Prison and later to Cabanatuan Camp # 1. From there I am not sure where he went. He alluded to some instances when he was alive, but would rarely divulge much more than the fact that he was there. He was, at the time, BM1/c who would sometimes go by the nickname JJ. Any information you could offer me would be gratefully appreciated. I am John R. Adams, his youngest child. 24 Windield Avenue, Pompton Plains, NJ07444. E-mail:

I am looking for information on my father, Albert Joseph Lawlor, Jr. All I know is that he was taken prisoner in North Africa during the Second World War and was held in somewhere in Germany. Any information would be appreciated. Please contract Lynn Lawlor @ 4626 Bigler Lane, Mt Dora, Florida 32757 or

Lt. Robert T. Booth, Btry B, S/Sgt. Stephen Cieslak, T/4 John Watson Btry C, 912 FABN, 87th Inf. Div. were captured at Bonnerue, Belgium on Jan. 8, 1945 a Forward Observer Team. Booth and Cieslak are still alive, but have no word on Sgt. Watson. Last believed in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Contact: Robert Booth, 33 Morrison Ave., Pittsburgh, PA  12901. 



July 2001

Seeking Sgt. Forrest L. Alson, kin or anyone who knows of him. Have scrapbook of his days as an Army WWII prisoner of war of the Japanese in the Philippines, made by his father, Charles L. Alson, deceased of Mishawaka, IN. Would like to send it to him. Dorothy Buckel, 427 N. Second St. Elkhart, IN 46516.

My name is Virginia Parker and I am looking for anyone who knew my father, Alvin F. Sayler. He was in the AAC stationed at Clark AFB. His address was 30th BS, 16th BG, Clark Field, Pampanga, Philippines. He arrived in the Philippines before Dec. 7, 1941. The War Dept. notified my grandparents that he died Sept. 7, 1944 when the Shinyo Maru was torpedoed by the USS Paddle. Thank you. V.J. Parker, 430 Fitch St., Healdsburg, CA  95448.

“Buck” Ross Buchanan is looking for anyone who may have known him. He’s alive and well and living in Kentucky. Member 110th Inf. 28th Div, captured Dec. 16 or 17. Went to Camp Lucky Strike after liberation, spoke of “mama” kiser, cooley, olay, nordane, barney, kratz, simidinger and others. Contact Buck

I need help from ex-POWs held at the “Sugar Mill Camp” on Formosa that had been bombed by the US Navy in 1944. We were there for a few months then shipped on to the lead and zinc mine at Hozakura, Japan. I had been severely injured and unable to walk for several weeks. A Navy doctor and 2 Navy medics attended me. Please write: Henry T. Chamberlain, 4110-152nd St. S.W. Lynnwood, WA  98037.

A local national approached a member of the US Defense Attaché Office in Harare, Zimbabwe, and presented him with personal effects belonging to a POW from WWII. The POW was probably not American, but someone may know him. The name is Lt. C.L. Cook (probable middle name, Llewellen), POW #3128. Effects include the following: Music book titled “Elementary Harmony” by William J. Mitchell; personal receipt for the book from Oxford, England; handwritten, original music on loose-leaf paper; rubber stamp in the book says, “Camp Oflag VA 6”; Date stamped in the book says “April 1944”; various censor stamps in the book. If anyone has information please contact CW2 Steven J. Stoiber, OPSCO USDAO, Harare, Zimbabwe. Phone number from US is 011-263-4-250-594, ext. 211.

Looking for help to prove the date I was captured by the Germans on Jan. 15, 1945. My name is Donald Plants, but most of you called me “Red”. I was a member of Co. K, 18th Reg. First Division, US Army. I was from Austinburg, Ohio, and I served in North Africa and Sicily and landed at Normandy. We also fought in Belgium and the Netherlands. My commanding officer was Captain Brown (later killed). My first sergeant was Sgt. Lloyd. A PFC O’Brein was captured when I was. We had been on R&R in Belgium, then sent to the Battle of the Bulge. About 3 days after capture, a German officer called Scarface interrogated us. He had been trained at Ft. Benning as an exchange officer. After questioning, we were marched around for about 6 weeks, then taken to 12A, then finally onto boxcars. Gen. Chanault’s flying tigers came over and strafed us; the guards ran off and we made a POW sign with our bodies so our boys would know we were not a military train. Please contact: Donald Plants, 1020 Lindsey Dr. Center, AL 35960.

My father was a POW during World War ll. The last camp he was in was 9A. When the Germans abandoned the camp, my father and several other prisoners made their way to Targau, Germany. The Russians and Americans had already linked up at a pontoon bridge over the Elbe River. When my father approached the Bridge on the Russian side the Russians turned them back. They had no papers, and they were dressed in discarded German uniforms. They moved down the river to a blown up bridge. The roadway was gone but the girders of over the top were still there. My father and one of his companions started over the girders first. The other man followed. When the Russians at the pontoon bridge noticed them they opened fire. My father and one another man were able to continue up the girder. When they reached the top the Russians stopped firing at them. The other man backed down. My father found some American troops and told them they were POWs. They were taken to Lucky Strike, to an American hospital. If anyone who reads this has pictures of the blown up bridge, or has knowledge of how to obtain such pictures they would greatly be appreciated. My father weighed 87 lbs. at the time, and doesn’t know how he had the strength to crawl over the bridge. He would like to have a picture of it. His name is Constantine L. O’Neill he was a member of the if the 157 Inf. Reg. 45 Div. He was captured on September 13th 1943 in an area called the tobacco sheds in Italy. He was a prisoner for 22 months. Anyone with any information that might help can contact me at    

Looking for men who served with my father, Master Sgt. Neil R. Burnett in Korea w/ 44th Rangers 82nd/ 101st Airborne Was POW before Escape. 1950’s.  Sean M. Burnett

My father, Kenneth Hoffman, was a civilian employee, a plumber working for the Morrison-Knudsen Corp. He was sent to China first, on the Nitta Maru, then later in the war sent to Osaka, Japan. He would never speak about his experiences to we kids after the war. | I am hoping your organization may help me find other living survivors (civilians) of Wake Island who can fill me in on events while POW’s. Glenn F. Hoffman 4694 Meyers Avenue Eureka, CA 95503-5960

William (Bill) Colsher was a POW at Stalag II A and Stalag XII A, Oct 15,1944 thru May 1945. Anyone who was a POW in these prisons during that time, please contact William Colsher, 2952 Franklin Rd., Nashville, TN 37204 or

My grandfather’s name was Charles Strzelczyk; SSN 263-44-3507; Born 2 Sept 1910; Died 24 Jan 1995; Residence:  Pensacola Florida. He was in the Navy; I don’t know what unit. He was a POW from 1941 to 1944. Contact: Denise McDonald, 1117 Lynnette Drive, Metairie, LA 70003

I am trying to locate a pilot named ARTHUR VAUGHAN. He is from either North Carolina or South Carolina. I think he served in WWII and the Korean War. I know his wife died young in a car accident, but she had a child/children. Arthur Vaughan is the name of a person my father remembers and would like to contact. My father is a Korean War veteran and asked me if I could find out where Arthur Vaughan is or if Arthur Vaughan is deceased. I would appreciate any information you could get for my father. Thank you. Deborah Smith.

I am looking for information on the following men who were POW’s in WWII. They were all members of the 8th Army Air Force, 92nd Bomb Group, 326 Bomb Squad. They were shot down on Aug. 3, 1944 and kept prisoner in different Stalag camps. Their names are: Albert D. Swanson, Abraham J. Dresner (Stalag Luft 3), Barney M. Haley (Stalag Luft 4), and William E. Mosher. My grandfather was a waist gunner on that flight who was killed during the attack. His name was John Wesley Beaver, Jr. I am trying to find information on surviving members of that flight or information on my grandfather. Please contact me with any information. Marc Nations. Phone: 972.679.5958. Email: 14222 Dallas Parkway #2077, Dallas TX, 75240.

My father, Joseph Kerr, Jr. was a POW in Stalag Luft 4 for a very short time before being put on the Forced March. I am currently working on a compilation of first-person accounts of those who were on that March. If you or a members of your family, was on that March and you would like to contribute to this work, please contact me at Patti Kerr.

My name is Christa and I am in the process of doing a project for history about POW’s in World War 2. I was wondering if it would be all right if I were to ask you a few questions. If you don’t want to answer this, please don’t. I don’t want to bring any bad memories back. 1) What were the guys like running the camp? 2) What kind of food did you get to eat? 3) What kinds of clothes were worn by prisoners? 4) What were the conditions like? 5) Did you have to do any type of work for them? If so ... what was it? 6) Did they ever put POW’s in concentration camps? Thank you so much for your time. Christa Dillon.

I am looking for any and all information on the POW camp Stalag 357. If the name Dixie Deans rings a bell that’s the one. I’m writing a book on the lesser-known POWs of World War II who performed heroically while a prisoner. If you don’t have information on Stalag 357, but you have a story that fits into this category I would love to know about it. My e-mail address is Thank You in advance for the help! Anya Smith 746 Alta Vista Dr. Vista Ca 92084.

I am a grandson of Lieutenant Vernon C. Atkinson. He was a POW in Barth, Germany in Stalag Luft I. I am wondering if anyone has memories or stories of him. I will be very grateful if someone will send me an e-mail. He unfortunately died in Jan. 1997 due to cancer. Thank you. David Melnick.

I am writing a book and would like to hear from ex Japanese POWs interested in helping. It is a book with a difference and not of a distressing nature. The book is a dissertation in pursuance of a Masters degree (might be published later). I am anxious to include all nationalities that were involved. With thanks. Patricia Clements, Tynewydd Sbon, Dryslwyn, Carmarthen SA32 8SE. Patricia.

Charles A. Metcalf (Charley) is looking for information including but not limited to medical and military personnel records of Hiram William “Willie” (or “Willy”) Nogle and Donald Nogle. Both men are from Virginia and are now deceased. Information should be sent to me at P. O. Box 3652, Merrifield, Virginia 22116-3652. E-mail messages should be directed to me as

Larry Rasmussen was, I believe captured and interred at Osaka until the end of the war. He was my Uncle and a fellow marine. He passed away in the 70’s I believe. Thank you so much. Kurt Ingalls

I am hoping someone can help me locate Lieutenant General Gerald W. Johnson. He is an Ex-POW who fought during WWII. He was imprisoned in Stalag Luft 1 in Barth Germany. I believe he may reside in Sarasota Florida. I have had no luck in locating him. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1974. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer. Stephanie Abramson

Does anyone know the whereabouts of the following WW11 Army personnel: John Prislupski -26th Division; J. Dell -Armored Division -from Texas; Charles Norris- 26th Division-from Ohio; Cletus Werner- 28th Division-from Nebraska. These GI’s were with me during a convalescent stay in a German Hospital located in Neustadt, Germany north of Frankfort on the Maine River during the period Dec 1 thru Dec 15, 1944. These dates are approximate. During this time, P-47’s dive bombed the gas works and blew it up. Please contact Emil C Giovanetti, Co E, 2nd Battalion, 101st regiment, 26th Division. E-Mail:

Looking for following person who was in same company with me. Gin Yim, 84th INF. 335 REG. 3rd BN. I Company.

Looking for information about a B-17 lost over Delfzjil, The Netherlands. My uncle, right waist Gunner, S/SGT Edwin F. Glapa was KIA. With him were: Ernest A Larson, Racine Wisconsin;  Elden D. Bennion, Phillipsburg, KS; Robert L. Le Clere, Manchester, Iowa;  Carl A. Jensen, Custer South Dakota. All four of S/SGT Glapa’s crewmembers were taken POW. Does anyone know where they are today? Most Gratefully,  Dr. Christopher J. Glapa, 920-734-7345. FRVPROS@AOL.COM

My name is Jay Stout. I am a retired Marine F/A-18 pilot, and aviation writer. I have had two books published (Hornets over Kuwait published by the Naval Institute Press and The First Hellcat Ace published by Pacifica Military History) and am working on a third. The third project is a book that will cover the entire campaign against Ploesti from the early Soviet attacks during 1941 until the end of the U.S. raids in 1944. Critical to the success of this book will be firsthand accounts from missions against Ploesti. These accounts will make the book both more readable and more credible. I have completed a substantial portion of the writing I need to do, and have reached the point where I can assimilate personal accounts. While I do have some outstanding contributions to this point, I need to include more.

The Allen County Public Library, Historical Genealogy Department is embarking on a special collection development initiative. This nationally acclaimed genealogy department located in Fort Wayne, Indiana houses one of the largest genealogy collections in the nation. We are looking to increase our holdings of memorabilia relating to the armed forces, the wars, and the personal histories of those individuals involved in the military. To this mission, the library is looking for materials such as diaries, personal narratives, roster lists, regimental histories, or other materials that are of a historical or genealogical nature. We would like your personal history, your past to be represented as a part of our renowned collection. If you are unsure about any volume, send an email, letter, or call the librarian responsible for this special collection development initiative, Susan D. Kaufman, who will be pleased to consult with you. If you have a large number of volumes, let us know and we can discuss shipping. Email Susan at, or write to the Alien County Public Library, PO Box 2270, Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270, or telephone 219-4211225. An Online Public Access Catalog is at:

I am looking for information on my uncle, Aloysius James McLean, Jr. Also known as “Mac”. He was a tank driver in the 17th Tank Battalion, 7th Armored Div, Co. A. He was taken prisoner in Overloon, Holland during World War II. He was at Stalag IIIA. Then transferred to Stalag IIIC. When the Soviets were getting close, they tried to march the prisoners out. However they got caught between gunfire. We never heard from my uncle again. He was not found dead. A year and a month later they declared him dead. Several GI’s upon return to the States told my grandmother (Mac’s mom) that he was alive but they were instructed not to discuss the matter. Some sent letters. However, she sent the letters to the government and now they don’t have copies of them. So, if you have any information on my uncle, would you please contact me at Cathie Winnie

I am looking for two individuals that were POW’s during Vietnam. I do not have names, locations etc. However, these two Air Force enlisted members were given “compound appointments” (made 2dLt’s). Subsequently after their release, the Air Force recognized the appointments and honored them. Could you provide me with info on these two individuals or direct me to where I might be able to find info? John Holt John.Holt@LOSANGELES.AF.MIL

I am looking for anyone who served with Wayne Heuer (42nd Rainbow Div, 232nd Inf, Co G) and knows anything about his capture on Jan. 5, 1945. He always said he was captured in Colmar when he was sent in with a group to free some tanks trapped in the town. After several days of fighting, a small number ended up in a church bell tower where they were forced to surrender when they ran out of ammo. I have been told he couldn’t have been there because the 42nd never fought in Colmar, but he was definite to the point of visiting the church in 1981. Anyone with any information would be most appreciated. God Bless our veterans. Robin Rogers

I’m searching for a relative who was onboard the POW ship Monevideo Maru? Nartaro Maru? The prisoner crew was from the Norwegian ship Herstein that sank after bombing in the harbor of Rabaul. If you know anything about these ships, please contact: Steinbjorn Mentzoni, Box 138, 8801, Sandnessjoen, Norway. E-mail:

I was told my father was a POW in Burma during WW II, and later flew in the Berlin airlift. He was a flyer by the name of Gene Jacobus. I understand he later flew for Eastern Airlines in Miami during the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. He came to Chicago about 1960. And I believe he died about 1965. I am trying to find information about my real father. Thank you, Mike Robb. 



June  2001

I am in search of anyone who may have known my dad during WWII, who either flew with him, or held as a POW with him in a Stalag Luft. I don’t know what unit he served with, nor which camp he was held. He was a tailgunner on a B-17. I believe his plane was shot down in 1943. I do know what he had sketched pictures from photographs while in prison camp, and was shot while trying to escape in 1944. Personal information: Byron Eugene (Gene) Boone, Master Sergeant, AAF, serial #19 062 184. Please contact: James Boone, 5042 Wilshire Blvd, #129, Los Angeles, CA 90036. (213) 248-7366.

I would love to hear from anyone who was in Stalag 2B from Jan. 1944 on and perhaps remembers my Dad. Sgt. Paul Langona, 1st Ranger Battalion, Co. “B”, 1919- 1975. Thank You. Dianne Langona. wrote: I have had a request from Dutch people on Texel Island to attempt to find six airmen who were POW of the Germans during WWII. These airmen were shot down near Texel and rescued from the sea by Dutch fishermen. Their names are Capt. Edward N. Bryant, 1st lt. Robert P. Driggs, T/Sgt. David Purinton, T/Sgt, G. D. Miller, S/Sgt A. Witte, and S/Sgt. Philip J. Callery. The Dutch people are especially interest in S/Sgt. A. Witte because there about 230 people living on Texel Island with the last name of Witte. I was a POW in Stalag Luft III. I was shot down near Texel Island on March 4, 1943. Four Dutchmen on a ferryboat rescued me and saved my life from drowning. I go to Texel annually to visit the surviving rescuer (1). The Dutch people are very eager to find any of the airmen who may still be living. They would honor them if they were able to travel to Texel. Please let me know if you can help me in any way to locate these airmen. Any clue may be helpful. Is there a Barth 1 organization, such as the Stalag Luft II organization? Thank you for any help that you can provide. Harold Kious (505) 243-3703; FAX (505) 243-2463; E-Mail - HKIOUS1922@AOL.COM

.Trying to locate Henry Fowler a buddy of mine in Bethesda, Md. Went to Landon School in Md. Was missing in and POW in Vietnam.

My dad is James Henry “Hank” Cowan. He was a survivor of the Bataan Death March. He was in the Headquarters Unit of the 19th Bombardment Group at Clark Field in the Philippines. He later was in the 200th N.M. Coastal Artillery. After recovering from a tropical rash at a field hospital on Bataan he re-joined his outfit at Cabcaben Field, Bataan. He then surrendered on 9 April 1942 and survived the Death March, Camp O’Donnell, and Cabanatuan, being rescued from Cabanatuan on 31 Jan. 1945 by the 6th Rangers. I recently found out that I could get his medals and awards from the U.S. government and sent for them. They say his records show him to be a POW from 7 May 1942, which, of course, would show him not on the Death March. Apparently his VA records and his short story, “Barbed Wire and Rice,” don’t count as verification. I would appreciate it very much if there is someone who remembers my dad and can verify that he did indeed make the Bataan Death March. This is the only way they will change his official records. He is probably entitled to the $1.00 per day plus the additional $1.50 per day that Congress authorized for the POWs. This is a mere pittance but it is the principle of the whole matter. I am extremely proud of my father and his service and of all the POWs of Bataan. They gave their all to make this country free. Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at Robert H. Cowan, P.O. Box 2060, Granite Bay, CA - 95746 or e-mail at Thank you again.

I have been asked to e-mail you for current snail mail addresses of following members: Philip Aaronson, last known address in Harrisburg, PA; and, Robert B. Miller, last known address in Meridianville, Alabama. A friend of mine who was in Korea during the war would like to correspond with them. I see that they are listed in the Turner Ex-POW book which was published a number of years ago. Thanks. Marty O’Brien, KWVA, Augusta, Maine

I am looking for information on a Major Norbert A. Gotner. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Beverly Phillips, Irvington, AL

I am looking for Otis York from Corinth, Mississippi. He and I spent time in England after we were liberated. Thanks for your help. Robert E. Field, 447 West Grand Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54703.

My uncle was in Stalag 4b from July 23, 1944 until April 16,1945. He was in the 5th infantry-71 division. They had 27 mules “for company.” He would like to hear from anyone from these places. He would really like to find the following people: J.R. Miller, Pueblo, Col.-LeRoy Blankenship, Chattanooga, Tenn.-Woodrow Guwin, Centralhoma, Okla.-Wesley G. Blair, Texas. -Bud Box, Texas. These places are where they came from in 1944. He was born February 25,1922. I am his niece. Glenda S. Rasnake, 909 Brushy Valley Road Heiskell, Tenn. 37754; E-mail:

I am searching for Col. Walter C. Beckham World War II Ace. Barbara Walker Winge, 103 South Gay Avenue Panama City, Florida 32404-7806

My name is Fred O. Scheer, I was in Stalag 4F from about September 1944 until April 1945. I would like to find any of the other POWs that were in that camp at the same time. I was captured in France in the hedgerows on July 27th 1944. I was with the 5th Division 2nd Infantry Company B (I think.)

Looking for Clifford E. VanCourt hometown south Mississippi. He was a POW in WWII. He was my grandfather. I want to know more about him; anything will help. He was a member of the VFW and ex POWs of south Mississippi. I remember he died in April 1989. Liberty Marsh 105 Carnes Street Gulfport, MS 39503.

My Uncle, T/Sgt. Edmond Hamic, was killed in action during a bombing mission on May 29, 1943. One member from his crew, S/Sgt Charles J. Gregory, may have survived the war after being a POW at Stalag 17B. I’m hoping it might be possible to locate Sgt. Gregory in order to inquire about my Uncle. Both men would have been from the 94th BG, 410th BS. The mission was to the sub pens at St. Nazaire, France. Their B17 (42-29692) was piloted by Lt. Merle Brown. Mitch Hamic; 17250 Huntington Circle Grayslake, Illinois 60030.

28th Division, 110th Regiment, I Company, 2nd Platoon, Bad Orb & Ziegenhain. Squad leader William F. Meller S/Sgt 13186597. I need a former squad member or member of Company I C. P. to verify my position as squad leader before and during the Bulge. I’m attempting to regain my lost stripes from the Military Board of Corrections. Division records destroyed during the Bulge. I am unable to locate former company commander Floyd McCutchan. Contact me: 1 803 731 4074,, 12 C Landmark Dr., Columbia, SC 29210. Thank you, Sarge

My name is Karen Williams and I am looking for anyone who may have known my dad, John Chwirut, who was captured near Rimling, France, Jan 6th, 1945. He was then taken to camp Bad Orb and liberated April 13th, 1945. Were you or anyone you know with dad then? I know he was in the 397th Infantry and a letter from a chaplain to mom has a return address of Hq, 1st Bn. I am trying to gather history to write a book for our family. My parents were members of the greatest generation and I want my children to know that. If anyone can help or if you want to correspond please contact me.

Maita Oebanda E-mail: Hometown: Manila, Philippines Free 1: Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. I work for the University of Santo Tomas Museum of Arts and Sciences. I’m doing research for a major exhibit on the Santo Tomas Internment Camp, scheduled for the anniversary of the Liberation of Manila, February 2002. If any of the Santo Tomas ex-prisoners of war wish to contact me and share their story, please feel free to send me e-mail or snail mail me at: MUSEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 3RD FLOOR, MAIN BUILDING UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS CALLE ESPAÑA, SAMPALOC MANILA 1008 PHILIPPINES or call: Telephone number: +632 7811815 or fax: Telefax number: +632 7409718. I am in touch with a few other ex-POWs, and every year, we have quite a number of ex-POWs who return to keep the spirit of Santo Tomas Internment Camp (STIC) alive. Please help if you can, the sacrifice made here by so many people must never be forgotten.

I was in Stalag IIA. Captured in Hurtgen and processed at Limburg, then to Neubrandenburg, XIIA. Buck private. 26th Regiment 1st Infantry. While at XIIA, just before Xmas,’44, instrumental in stopping Axis Sally from making recordings-thanks to Sgt. Lucas. Headed an Arbeits Kommando at Friedland. Made tiles. We screwed up that production! I was shipped back to Straff Kompanie for 1 week bread and water for 1-refusing to work;2- refusing to have GIs work;3- whistling at German girls;4- refusing to walk in the gutter;5-Sabotage. Thank God the war was almost over and they knew it! Sgt Houston 82nd Airborne (I think) and I went out to tally GIs and Brits held in Arbeits Kommandos in Waren area of Mecklenburg. I am especially looking for Father (Irish name), Catholic Chaplain at XIIA, Captain-think he was caught in Arnheim drop; also Sgt Lucas and his interpreter, Linc Ball, -anyone from Friedland where I stuck my neck out. Al Drapeau-you still around? Sid Cutler? Thanks. Alan Goldman.

My father, Lt. McKie (Mac) M. Trotter III was a POW at Oflag 64 (Szubin, Poland) from Nov. 10, 1944 to Jan. 21, 1945 when he and most of the POWs were marched towards Germany. Dad ended up at Stalag IIIA near Luckenwalde. At the time of his capture on Oct. 4, 1944 near Aachen, Germany, Dad was with the 29th Division, 175th Infantry, 3rd Battalion, L Company, in command of the 2nd Platoon. If you served with, or knew, my father at any point please contact Todd Trotter at

I would like to contact any prisoner who was in Bilibid when the Americans entered Manila about Feb. 4 1945. I was the first to enter Bilibid and gave water and food to American POWs while they were still locked in their cell. Some of them took my name and address and I found out after I got home they had called my parents and told them I was OK. Fred A. Bracht, Jr. wrote: Hello, my dad is looking for Donald Carey, originally from Stewart, Iowa. They were in the army together in the 106th infantry division, M Company during WWII. They were in Indiana for training, but got split up before going to Europe. Any info. would be appreciated.

I’m from Poland and I’m an Polish Air Force officer. I’m interested in USAF participation in WW II-especially planes which were lost over Poland. I’ll be grateful for all information about men and planes lost over Poland (including Stettin, Danzing, Gdynia, Politz, Posen, Rahmel, Trzebinia, Breslau, Oswiecim-Aushwitz and Blechhammer areas). I would like to find eyewitnesses, places where the planes fell down and finally explain what happened after their fell down or missing. I hope that you will be able to help me in my efforts. sincerely yours, Jerzy Boc Jerzy Boc ul. Wawrzyszewska 2/16 01-162 Warszawa POLAND.

Would you please insert attached in your monthly bulletin? POW exchanges, Lorient and St. Nazaire, France, November and December, 1944: Samford University seeks to locate servicemen (or their families) involved in swap of 149 Allied prisoners negotiated by Samford Alumnus, Andrew G. Hodges, A.R.C. Field Director, 94th Division. Personal recollections, photos sought for history project. Contact Hobart Grooms, Jr., 2117 Second Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203. Telephone: 205-328-4100. Fax: 205-324-8866. E-mail:

I was wondering if you could post this query of my grandfather who was a POW during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines? I have very little information on him and cannot seem to find out which POW camp he was in. His name was James Clay Smith. He was captured the early part of the war and thought to have been imprisoned at Santo Tomas. He was previously in the Army but at the time of his capture was a civilian. He was employed at the Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company in Manila and was very proud of the fact that he was from Kentucky. His hometown was Augusta, Kentucky. He was a Private in the 2nd Observation Squad of the Air Corp 4-10-24 to 4-9-27 with mechanical skills. He was given an Honorable Discharge on June 28, 1930 at Nichols Field in Rizal Philippines. He died early part of 1942. His date of birth was June 4, 1907. We have never been able to locate his gravesite. Candace Vacek 2345 So. 33 Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68105.

My brother and brother in law were both POWs in Torun--both British [now RIP] both survived march to Falingbostal. Brother Mick Carlin, POW France 1940; brother in law Jim Thornbury, POW Anzio 44. Mick had t/b so Jim half carried Mick most of March. Neither spoke of experiences. So would be most grateful for any information about either Mick or Jim. Tom Carlin.

Any information about Captain Julius C. Burge, of York, South Carolina. The Captain was one of the survivors of the Bataan Death March. If anyone has information please notify George P. Feindel, III, PO Box 12121, Rock Hill, SC 29731.

I would like to contact anyone who was in the camp up north on the Yellow River, housing all NCOs. In this camp there were about 60 people housed in an old two-room school. Please contact: Willie B. Clinton, 4839 White Oak Dr., Memphis, TN 38116.

I am Alvin Webstad, T4, 37169501, 90 Div. Recon Troop. I was wounded on Hill 122. Wound was treated at a field hospital near Ste Mere Eglise. If anyone remembers me being wounded and on Hill 122, please contact me: 1530 5th Ave. SW, Jamestown, ND 58401. 1-701-252-3247.

Looking for anyone of the ex-POWs who worked on a farm outside Rathdamnitz-stolp Prov. Big Chief, Walte Von Alton, who rode the horse. Jessie Brookins at the time lived in Dothan, AL, and Calton-Trotter. To let you know we made the escape. I came out of Russia. call or write: Clarence G. Goad, 3rd Ranger Bn, “B” Co, Anzio. 801 Chason St., Bainbridge, GA 31717; 229-246-7656.


May 2001


I’m looking for information on my brother, Robert Eugene Haynie. He was listed as MIA and they think he may have died in POW Camp 1 at Changsong, N. Korea. If anyone has information they can reach me Fran Stroup at or 3310 Heights Dr. Reno, NV. 89503.

I am searching for any information that I can find on S/SGT. Francis S. Diemer #15-104-281 was with the Eighth Air Force  385th. Bomb Group, 551Bomb Squadron. Was shot down on April 22.1944 on a mission to Hamms Germany. Aircraft # 42-38200 crashed near Hillbeck Germany and all ten were POWs. I am sure that Francis was in Stalag 17b in Krems Austria, and would like to confirm this as well as find his POW identification number. Raymond L. Diemer, 4963 Skenes Rd. Sanford, MI 48657;

I’ve had a couple inquiries lately where the relatives of the deceased veteran state that the dress jacket of the soldier had the 28th Inf Division patch on the left shoulder and the 106th on the right. Sounds like a transfer, maybe towards the end of the war? Could be a short timer without enough points to come home? Anybody that knows of transfers from the 106th to the 28th, or any other division, please speak up. John Kline

Samuel Sircus of New York (since late 1940’s of Kansas City) was captured and held as a POW with Charles Welbes of Illinois when their plan was shot down over Albania. He would like to get in touch with Mr. Welbes to share the diary and other reminiscences. Mr. Welbes’ name came up when we started preparations for Sam’s 80th birthday party here in Kansas City. Sam is in good health and is active in Veterans support groups at the VA hospital in Kansas City. He may be reached at 913-469-6163.

My Great Uncle, Walter C. Para, was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge between 12/20/44 and 12/22/44, captured and died in a German field hospital on 12/27/44. We would appreciate any assistance in locating his buddies.”SEEK INFO, WALTER C. PARA, FIRST DIV., 26 INF. REG., CO. D, MIA, BATTLE OF THE BULGE, BUTGENBACH, BELGIUM, 12/23/44"[Note this heading reflects the original U.S. Army finding of “MIA, 12/23/44”. According to German POW records, Walter C. Para was wounded by shell-splinter on his right side and died on 12/27/44 in a German field hospital (Main Dressing Station 31) in Mirfeld, Belgium, (west of Heppenbach) and about 10 km northeast of St. Vith. His 26th Infantry Regiment of the First Division had three battalions, each with a “heavy weapons” Company D. We do not yet know what Battalion he was in. On 12/20-21/44, the 2d Battalion was engaged at Dom Butgenbach. On 12/22/44, the 1st Battalion was engaged at Butgenbach, a few km north. (It was relatively quiet on 12/23/44 for the 1st and 2d Battalions.) These engagments were with SS Colonel Hugo Krauss 12th SS Panzer division and losses on both sides were significant. (As we understand it, the 3d Battalion was engaged farther north, near the Elsenborn Ridge or Schwarzenbuchel.) Since the Main Dressing Station 31 (German field hospital) at Mirfeld, Belgium was closest to Dom Butgenbach and Butgenbach, we presume Walter was in the 1st or 2d Battalion and not in the 3d Battalion. ANY information will be appreciated, particularly from soldiers he fought alongside in Company D. Eric Para,

My father’s name was IRVING STERN. He was captured at the Battle of the Bulge, and was a POW in Germany at a camp, until the Russians came and freed the prisoners. He had a heart condition after returning from the camp. He died ten years later, and succumbed the the heart condition. Starvation, and slave labor made his heart weak. My mother tried to get a pension for this. But was unable to. It was my feeling that perhaps now might be a better time, as we now know that starvation, stress, and toil can cause heart conditions. What are your feelings on this? I was 7, when he died. I was alone in the room with him. So, it would be so special, if I could find out something about his a military man/POW. Thank You Ellyn Stern. I am trying to find his records. P.F.C IRVING STERN 32814668.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER 2nd Lt. Lowell Eugene Kinney 0-661848, 306th Bomber Group, 423rd Bomber Squadron, Thurleigh, England. Shot down 9 Nov 1942 over Saint Nazaire, France. Co-pilot, Mission #18, B-17 number 41-24509 (“MISS SWOOSE”), MACR #16010. The pilot of this plane, Capt. John Barnett, is alive and well today and living in Florida. He spent the war as a POW. After the war he came to Texas to tell my grandparents what happened on that day. He became a friend of my father and has told us the story of what happened. After they cleared the target area fighters attacked and shot them down. The crew bailed out, then my uncle, followed by Capt. Barnett. He saw my uncle’s chute open but lost sight of him after they hit the water. There were three German boats picking up survivors. John was picked up along with a lot of others. But he never saw my uncle again. After the war he talked to an ex-pow from another camp who said that he thought he had seen my uncle but was not certain. I found one report listing my uncle as KIA. But there is no eyewitness to his death. So far as I can tell, Capt. Barnett was the last to see him and he was very much alive. I would like to find anyone from his group who might have known him. Or any ex-pow’s who could give me names of POW camps where he might have been if he did survive that day. I hope someone out there can remember something to give me another lead to follow. I never met him but I still know him. He was the oldest brother, my dad is the youngest. My dad is getting on now and the greatest thing I could give him would be a final explantion of what happened to his big brother. Please contact: K. C Kinney, 972 881-2928 email:

From Kenneth N. Osborne, son of Billy Osborne (Chuck), POW to men from Stalag III-C: William Clark, Joseph Thomas, Chrstian Schweitzwer, Bergman, Kruper, Ulrich, Bauer, Schaeffer, Bradley, Markworth, Bonsall, Milner, Smeijkal, Rosenthal, Gettle, Bloomer, Ramey, Willie Clark, Klapak, Calvers, Biggers, Remlor, Roleshi, Davis, Kirk, McGowan, Chuma, Cunninhham, Prince, Fifield, Graft, Hachey, Donavan, Macabe, Stewart,Mathews, McEvey, Sondrock, Vanderhoof, Allard, Matesic, Vitale, Harrey, Dauberman, Larrieu, Simpson, Roy Clark, Mobilio, Roberts, Connors, Stover, Stephen, Ruth, Castilo, Walsh, Ashforth, Harper, Troise. If desired, please contact me at 109 S.Home Ave., Independence, MO, 64053.Have drawings of Ashforth, poems and witty sayings from various others.

My father, Herbert (Bert) A. Markle, was a B-17 pilot shot down over Germany in early 1944. He and two other men, Bill Clark and Tom Brooks, escaped from Stalag Luft I soon thereafter but were recaptured a few days later. They were relocated to Stalag Luft III and remained POW’s until liberated by General Patton’s troops at Mooseburg. My father now lives in New Jersey (address/phone below) and is interested in contacting Mr. Clark and Mr. Brooks, members of their families or, of course, anyone from that era.  He is a member of your organization but does not have internet capability. His address/telephone is: Herbert A.Markle, 140 The Plaza, Shark River Hills, Neptune, NJ 07753 (732-775-9195); or I can becontacted at e-mail ( and will relay any information.Bert Markle (son).

I am looking for anyone who might have information about Herbert Baily or Bailey, who I believe was from West Virginia. From July to December 1944, we were in Basic Training together at Camp Wheeler, Georgia. We arrived in Europe in Jan. 1945 and were assigned to 1st Platoon, Co. A, 109th Inf. 28th Div. On Jan 22nd, I was wounded and taken prisoner. Herbert was also captured. He helped the Germans carry me back from the front. Anyone who was with us during this period, please contact me: Martin Anderson, 1280 NC 42 E, Macclasfield, NC 27852; 252-827-5541.

I am searching for a Wayne Horner of Peebles, Ohio, who was a prisoner of war during World War II with my father, Private Robert O. Schultz of Waterloo, Iowa. My father was captured on December 19, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge and taken initially to Stalag IVB and then transferred to eastern Germany to work at a chemical factory near Niederstreitis, Germany. They were liberated together on April 25, 1945, and journeyed back to Camp Lucky Strike together. I would be interested in any information about Wayne Horner. Please contact Judy Daubenmier at

James W. Harrington (Serial #RA38244143) was a Staff Sgt -- later T/Sgt. with Omar Bradley. He was doing reconnaissance when captured Dec. 25 during the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. He spent the rest of the war on a freight train, in a barn and in Stalag 2A. If anyone knew him, please contact: Walter Peterson, 805 Glenview Drive, Madison, WI 53716.

My Grandfather, James B. Rohletter, was a Coxswain on the USS Pope during WWII. His ship was sunk on March 1, 1942 in the Java Sea and he was captured by the Japanese on March 3rd. He was taken to Makassar City on the Island of Celebes on March 5th, then to a former Dutch concentration camp around March 14th. He was held for the duration on the war. Can you find any information regarding POW camps on Celebes? Thank You, Jamie Curtis, 4736 5th Avenue West, Everett, WA 98203 425-252-4165,

I recently found out that my grandfather was a POW in Del Monte. I am in the process of looking for any information about him or the prison. He is not a man that I knew in my life and feel this may be the way to help my family understand why he behaved and reacted the way he did after the war. My Grandfather’s name was John S. Wareham - He was a Ships cook 3rd class in the Navy. I have been able to get his serial# and SS# but have had no luck on which ship he was on just yet. He escaped from Del Monte with three other men and out of the four of them three made it through enemy lines. Any information would be of great help to me as well as my family. Michelle Hoover, Blackfish Creative, 404 NW 10th Ave No. 200, Portland, OR 97209. 503-227-4607.

Looking for Morton Warnow, B-17 Waist Gunner on crew of Lt. Jack Freerick, 612th Sq. 401st BG, Deenethorpe, England, June 1994 address of Box 223303, Hollywood, FL 33022. A writer with primary interest in communication technology for the deaf. His proposal was to be tested in Palm Beach County. After bailing out, Morton was captured in Holland on July 20, 1944, and confined in Stalag Luft 4. Please contact Jack Frederick, 3006 Cortez St., Ft. Collins, CO 80525. 970-226-0479.

Delia M. Douglas, widow of Walter Douglas, needs help from anyone who may have known her husband. Walt was captured at Anzio Beach with the 3rd Div Co. C, 1st Bttn, 7th Inf. He was held in Stalag IIB until liberation. He was about 5’4” tall, with brown hair, grey eyes and he wore glasses. It’s important for Mrs. Douglas’ DIC claim if you can remember if he had swollen hands, feet or pain in any part of his body. Please contact her at: PO Box 201, Oswego, NY 13827; 609-689-0136. Or write NSO Charles Susino, 136 Jefferson St., Metuchen, NJ 08840.


April 2001

His nephew and I are searching for information on Phern Stout, tail gunner on Charles Zimmer’s plane, shot down Nov 26, 1944. We want to know which prison camp, or camps, he was in. All we know was that he was on a march and was liberated by the Russians. Are these clues enough for someone to identify the camps? Contact me at or Peggy Williams, 842 Long Laurel Ridge Drive, Lakemont, GA 30552

I am looking for information about my uncle who was a POW at Stalag#5. His name was Lloyd R Mays he served with the 501st Jump Bn. thank you. He was taken POW sometime after D-Day.

Would you know of a way to find a list of POWs at Sendai POW Camp #2, Japan, for the time period around August 1945? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pam Barretto-Silva

Squad leader William F. Meller S/Sgt 13186597. I need a former squad member to verify my position as squadleader before and during the Bulge to regain my lost stripes from the Military Board of Corrections. Army records were destroyed by the German. I cannot locate former company commander Floyd McCutchan. 1 803 731 4074,,  12 C Landmark Dr., Columbia SC 29210 I appreciate your help. Sarge

We would like to travel to China with our friend who was a POW there during World War II at the Kiangwan Prison Camp. We are wondering if the Kiangwan (also called Jiangwan) Prison Camp in Shanghai is still standing, and if so what the facility is used for today, as we would all like to visit the site. Any information you could send my way would be very appreciated. I have contacted several individuals in China, and have had no results. Thank you very much Kim Chachere 818-432-4218;

I am trying to get information on a man who was a POW with my father in Japan. His name was Marshall Lafette (Sp?), and he is buried in Arlington Cemetery. My father is buried in Ireland, but before he died he spoke a lot about him. This information I got from my mother. I was born in 1947; my father died in 1950. His name was Jeremiah Casey. Thank you. Michael Casey

I am looking for a friend of mine. He was a Marine and a prisoner of the Japanese. In1950 he was in the National Guard 40th Inf, Div. 223rd Reg. 1st. bn. Co “C”. In 1952 was seriously wounded in an explosion while in combat in Korea. His name is George La Fluere ( not sure of the spelling of the last name). Dale K. Baker, 11579 Trafalgar St. Hayden, Idaho, 83835; 208-7726024

Looking for the following two ex-POWs on the John Godwin crew from 398th B.G. 602nd B.S. Herbert S. Brooks from Snohomish, WA. our ball turret gunner and Frank E. Jenkins from Hopewell, VA. our tail gunner. Both were at Stalag Luft 4. Brooks was in Bks. no.1 and Jenkins in Bks. no. 7 in Lager A. Please forward information to Herb Wilson 17 Hendel Loop, Carlisle, Pa. 17013. .   Herb Wilson.

I am looking for anyone that ended up at Stalag XIIA in Neu Brandenburg. Sgt Lucas headed up our compound. We had a Catholic priest (Capt.?) who was my “mentor” - airborne 82nd captured at Arnheim. Irish-what was his name? I headed up a group of 40 men in a tile factory in Friedland. Production cut way back-and quality of tile which the Krauts bragged about. Priest knew somehow what I did and told me others did much less and were shot. I was set to escape with 3 Russian POWs when I fouled up and was given Straff Companie for 1 week on five counts - then went with Tex Houghson to compile names of Brits and Americans in Arbeits Kommandos in the State of Mecklenburg. Around Waren. Knew Brits from Arnheim and Dunkirk. I was a trouble maker. My men knew that and I want to hear from them as to what they recall of me. When I was shipped back to the Stalag, I heard they thought I was shot. Contact me to pass the time with memories. Alan Goldman  

I am looking for information about my father’s internment in a POW camp. He has now passed away, but even when alive did not talk about it so I have very little information. His name was Marion Melvin Krzeminski, born in Poland on the 6/9/1924 but left Poland when the war broke out. Apparently he served in the American Army but I do not have any dates, places or names, and I do not know when, where or which POW camp he was in. When he was released for some reason he landed up in Scotland, then lived in England until we emigrated to Australia in 1968. We do not have any documents relating to this time period, but I hope that maybe some information might come to light. I can also be contacted at C/- St. Bede’s College, 2 Mentone Parade, Mentone 3194, Victoria, Aus. Sue Henschel,

Charles Johnson 2605 W. Randall Mill Rd. #B, Arlington, TX 76012 would appreciate any information concerning the 36th Inf. Div. during WWII. When and where they landed in North Africa; battles, etc. Thank you.

We are looking for a classmate and fellow POW. The last address was for Mr. Harry H. Ullom, 1022 Lum, Corpus Christi, TX. Please contact: Gene Shay, Commander, Ohio Chapter #10, 23D Commandery Ct., Springfield, OH 45504-5602.


March 2001

I am looking for information about my grandfather, Pvt. Alexander McMaron Scott who was captured in Belgium in Dec. 44 he was interred at Stalag II A until approx. April/May 45. His military discharge lists him as a light machine gunner serving in the cavalry. He was from Cleveland, Oh and was married and expecting a child. He was 5'-9" and weighed about 180 lbs. Blond hair and Blue eyes. He may have gone by Scotty. I have a letter he wrote that says when they were liberated they broke into a butcher shop and ate a lot of beef. If anyone has any information about my grandfather or Stalag II A I would appreciate hearing from them. I can be contacted by e-mail at or mail Melissa Hillengas 786 Mt. Vernon Rd. Newark, OH 43055 or by phone 740-345-8790

Looking for people who were there when I was. May 1939, I enlisted in the Army at Baltimore, MD. After Fort Slocum, NY, I was shipped to Ft. William McKinley in the Philippines. After capture, I was held in Bilibid, Nichols Field, O’Donnell and Osaka. After the war, I spent the next 21 years stationed at various air bases around the world, ending up at Hill AFB, Utah. Contact: Walter Bell, PO Box 634, Sparta, NC 28675; (336) 372-4863.

Anyone at the Battle of Kasserine Pass, or at a farm near Stettin, or at a Stalag where Ray Reitze passed through, please contact Ex-POW Robert L. Harris, PO Box 11, Sunset ME 04683; (207) 348-2471; e-mail Ray Reitze was wounded at Kasserine Pass, and shrapnel was removed from his arm by a German doctor. He has never been able to get his Purple Heart because no records could be obtained. If you witnessed any part of this account, it might help him obtain his award.

I am interested in hearing from anyone that remembers or can provide me with information relating to my father: Pvt. John J. Mezzano, 1st Battalion, Co. B, 110th Inf. 28th Division. He was in the Battle of the Huertgen Forest and was later captured during the first days of the Battle of the Bulge...marched 145 miles prior to being placed on boxcar in Gerolstein and arriving at Stalag 9B on 12/26/44. Prisoner #25262 from 12-17-44 to 04-02-45. All veterans with similar experience are welcome to respond and share their stories. Elaine DuHack, 405 Gear St., Galena, IL 61036 OR

I’m trying to find anyone that served with my Grandfather Orville R. Stanford. He was taken prisoner on Leyte in May of 1942. He spent most of his POW time at Shinagowa as senior officer. He was a POW for 3 years and 3 months. He returned to Tokyo as a witness in the war criminals trials. He also received a Presidential Citation with two oak clusters. Contact: Joe Stanford Butcher281-422-9434 . POB 1147, Seabrook, TX. 77586-1147.

Friends of Donald Doubek, 106th Infantry, 224th Regiment, C Company. Captured Battle of the Bulge 12/16/44 and taken to Stalag XIIA. Released as POW 5/8/45. He was “advance scout” in his company. Arrived France on 12/6/44. Am writing a memory book on this part of his life for his son and grandchild. Seeking anyone who knew him prior to capture, at Stalag XIIA, or Camp Lucky Strike. He may have been at more than one POW camp, but I have not found anything to suggest that as yet. May also have arrived in Europe 11/17/44 in Liverpool, England on the WAKEFIELD which sailed from Boston on 11/10/44. Need to verify this somehow. Contact Bonnie Doubek McNunn 585 Shannon Dr Vacaville CA 95688. 707-449-8476. email

I am looking for: Torey Campbell, Walter Hathaway, Glen Graves, Frank Miller, and Joe Cassagrande. I have information about our plane that was shot down 01/11/44 . Please contact: Joe Mehalshick Sr.

I would like to hear from anyone that may have known my father, Frank Chiavoni of Trenton, NJ. He was in the 45th Division. Captured at Anzio on February 11, 1944. Interned at Stalag IIB on April 13, 1944. Frank Chiavoni, 102 Cardinal Drive, Jackson, NJ 08527-3175.   Phone - 732-928-5847.

Hello, my name is Marlene Loyd. My father was captured by the Germans and held as a prisoner in France. Although he was an American citizen they kept him as a prisoner. The Germans tortured my father and accused him of being connected with the French underground. I was hoping to find some information on who to contact that might help my father over come his stress about his life and that war. He has a severe mental problem and I though if he could trace back what he went through in France maybe that would help. If you have any information or suggestions on who to contact on this matter could you please help. I will look forward to your reply. Marlene Loyd.

I am helping a friend attempt to learn the fate of Major Kassel Keene. Major Keene was part of a B-29 crew assigned to the 345th Bomb Squadron, and was shot down over Korea Bay on November 19, 1952.Reports indicated that Major Keene, while held as a POW, was sentenced by the Koreans to 20 years of captivity for assaulting another POW. That is the last that anyone has seen or heard about him. I have set up a tribute page at : that contains more detail. I would like to post a notice for all of the missing crewmembers. I would appreciate any help that you may be able to provide. Ray Sestak

I am trying to find information about my uncle who was shot down while a member of a B-17 crew in the raid on Regensburg - Schweunfurt, Germany. His name was Sgt. Delmar “Del” E. Kaech, member of the 323 Bomber Squadron, 91st Bomb group, 8th USAAF. He was stationed at USAAF Station 121, Bassingborn, England. After becoming a POW he was located in Stalag 17A in May 1944 and Stalag 17B in May 1945 until liberated. If any one knew him or knew the name of the B-17 he was shot down in, please contact: Ronald Freeman

I’m looking for men who were taken out of Dulag Luft at Oberursel and put in an SS camp a few miles away. “Mad Major” Otto conducted the interrogations. It might have been Schloss Kransberg, but I’m not sure. Otto was there between January and March, 1945, and probably earlier. Also, looking for men who were permanently kept at Dulag Luft Wetzlar during the November 1944 to March 1945. Keith Kensen worked in the kitchen. He was an escaped British SIS agent (radio operator) and passed as an American airman (B-24 radio operator) when he was captured. He was from London and spoke fluent German. Jim Downs

John M. Beysselance was a gunner in a bomber shot down over Europe in WWII and held prisoner in Stalag Luft IV. I have been able to get only conformation that Bubba, as we call him, was in Luft IV. I would very much to know what outfit he served in. Thank you, C.J.

I was USAAF Pilot and POW at PG21 in Italy, Jan-Sep 1942. Am seeking information on 1st Lt. Stanley Brach, Catholic Chaplain, and Captain Henry Winston, Medical officer. Both were captured in North Africa and were members of the First Armored Division. They were fellow prisoners at PG21. Odell Myers.


February 2001

My name is Greg Standen and I am the Verger at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Bathurst New South Wales Australia. I am 47 years old and when I was young I grew up in the Cathedral with Padres of WWII and a couple of those were POWs from Changi and the Burma Railway.

In 1995 I wrote to the rector and suggested that we put a stained glass window in the church dedicated to POWs and Padres of WWII. On the 15th August 1997 the window was dedicated by the Bishop of Bathurst. It was a very special day for our POW’s and Padres because this was when the war had ended in Singapore, Burma etc. Each year we have a weekend re-union in Bathurst.  In 2001 it will be on the 11/12th August. We have a dinner on the Saturday night and a wreath laying service on the Sunday and a church service with a guest speaker. This year our guest speaker will be coming from the 6th Div 2/1st btln. We would like to extend an invitation to your organization, if any of your members are in Australia at this time we would love to see them. A photo of our window is on the 207 squadron web under POW window in Bathurst Australia. You can email me on my own email if you require any more information.

Looking for information about Herman Percy Rabin (sp?) 243-38-1889, Service #14030063; 9th Inf. Div. 47 Inf. E Co. At Fort Bragg in October 1940. Captured North Africa Corps. If anyone knows of his capture, please contact: James Prewitt, 610 Haw Branch Rd., Bernardsville NC 26709.

I am looking for anyone who was a member of the 2nd Armored Div and captured at Faid Pass on or about Jan. 21/22, 1943. Can you identify the outfit from the patch on his shoulder? Please contact: Jack Zilliox, 4702 Wood Violet Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23188.

Recently, while working on my house I found an old newspaper dated June 11,1972. On the cover is a picture of some POWs. I just wanted to know if any of them are on line and wanted to talk. Their names are: USAF Capt. Lynn E. Guenther; Capt. Edwin A. Hawley, Navy Cap. Kenneth J. Fraser; Navy Cmdr. David Hoffman; Navy Cmdr. Walter E. Wilber; Marine Corps Lt. Col. Edison W. Miller. Please contact: Shane Shepherd,

Stanley A Kemp 2nd Lt was a Bombardier on a B-17 from the 303rd Bomb Group 358th Sqd. His serial number was 0772661.The 303rd Bomb Group Association is looking for him. If he is a member of your group, please tell him we are looking for him. We have located almost 1800 comrades who were based at Molesworth England during the war. Thanks,

Anyone at battle of KASSERINE PASS, or at a farm near Stettin, or at a stalag where Ray Reitze passed through please contact Ex-POW Robert L. Harris, PO Box 11 Sunset ME 04683 or e-mail 207-348-2471. Ray Reitze was wounded at Kasserine Pass. Shrapnel was removed from his arm by a German doctor after the wound was infected badly. Ray has never been able to get his Purple Heart because no records could be obtained. If you could witness any part of this account, it might help him obtain his award.

About 5 or 6 years ago I read where a Japanese woman had written a book about all or most of the POW camps in Japan. (It was in Japanese). After exhausting all domestic leads for such a book, in any language, I wrote to Japan’s equivalent of our Library of Congress. They denied ever hearing of the book. Still looking for an English translation. Peter O’Brien, PO Box 133, Foxboro, MA 02035

Seeking information on Clyde Hubbell who was shot down over Europe and a POW. Hilbert Hubbel.

My name is Ian Quinn and I live in Hong Kong. I’m an airline pilot researching the air war here in my spare time. The US Navy launched massive strikes against shipping in HK Harbour. There were heavy losses and one airman, Gene [Jean] Felton [ Fenton] BALCH - from the USS Yorktown parachuted into a back yard. It’s likely he was a gunner and he was hidden by a Chinese man who gave him civilian clothes and hid him in a warehouse. Unfortunately the Chinese man was betrayed and executed , the airman made a POW . According to evidence at the trial of the men who betrayed the Chinese a Japanese Naval officer said that three POWs were captured that day and sent on a destroyer to Japan three days later. I would be most interested if any one knows about the subsequent fate of Mr. Balch or the others mentioned. Another gunner from a Helldiver, Alvin W. HUGHES is mentioned in one account as surviving. His pilot, C.S. Snead being killed. Does anyone have details on him?.....Please contact: Ian Quinn,

I would like some advice on obtaining information about my father’s military records. His name was John Russell Champion, his army serial # 34-397-721, and he departed the US on Oct. 8, 1943 and served 1 year, 8 months and 2 days in the European Theatre. His discharge shows that he was in the campaigns of Rhineland, Ardennes, Normandy and Northern France. He was wounded and captured, but we don’t know where or when. Please contact. Deloris Bailey,

Michael Takiff, 160 W. 95th St. PH3; New York, NY 10025 is looking for WW II veterans whose sons served in the military in Viet Nam. Drop him a line if you know of anyone.

My father, CQM Valleon Sylvester, was a casualty of WW11. His last assignment was on the USS Finch that was sunk by Japanese aircraft off Corregidor April 11, 1942. After that time he was interred in Japanese prison camp #3 until he lost his life with 1800 other men on the “hell’ ship Arisan Maru 10-24-44. I am really interested in details of that time in his life and thought someone who has been through that terrible time and place would contact me. I hadn’t known where he died until 1999 when I joined the network of WW11 orphans (AWON) who lost a father during the war. Through that network I have been able to obtain information up to the USS Finch. In 1983 Stanley Sommers wrote an article published in our Oregonian newspaper with some of the details that I now know. It was as if he was living my father’s story. It means a great deal at this time to remember my father and the terrible ordeal of all the men and women who were in the war. I would welcome hearing from others who have been there and back. Regards. Maxine Sylvester Stanley 12705 NE Schuyler St. Portland, OR 97230.

Phil Wymond of Columbus, Ohio, Tel. #614-866-7497, is looking for the following people that he served with: Gen. Charles Sweeney, a B-29 pilot to Nagasaki; 2nd Lt. Charles A. Arnett, a B-24 pilot, 492nd Bomb Group, was a POW at Stalag Luft II; 2nd Lt. Ernest Gavitt, a B-24 Navigator with the 492nd Bomb Group, became POW at Stalag Luft III; Members of my crew on B24, the Katie-Jean: Sgt. Harold Dorow, a tail gunner; Sgt. Cline, a nose turret gunner; Sgt. Fabislak, a ball turret gunner, and Sgt. Klastorowsky, a radio operator. If anybody has information on these people, Phil would appreciate hearing from you.

Looking for information on Peter Piernat, possibly a resident of Kannapolis, NC in the 40’s and a survivor of the Bataan Death March. Peter was a friend of my parents. If you can help with an address please advise. Thank you Barbara Phillips Jensen

Looking for information about my father, Karl M. Davenport, DOB June 17, 1920 in Peoria, Illinois. Served as a rifleman at New Guinea, Southern Philippines and Luzon where he was wounded in action and held until his escape 78 days later. Please contact Mary Jane Davenport Hamilton, 6124 W. Farmington Rd, Peoria, IL 61604; 309-673-6449 or

I am looking for any information about the prison camp, Osaka Kempei-Tai, and those who were imprisoned there. My brother, T/Sgt. David F. McNeley was one of them. I have a press release from 1948, at the time of the War Crimes Trial, listing the names of those whose bodies had been found at that time. My brother was not listed.* It was not until 1952 that my brother’s remains were found, buried on the Osaka Castle firing range. I am told that is now a peace park. Does anyone have any information about others who might have been found after 1948? We know that Rt. Gun H. D. Barrett was captured (this information recently from a Japanese historian) but, like David, was not listed with the 1948 named victims. There may have been two others, judging from number of parachutes seen. Those not accounted for are A/C “Shorty” Hull, Flight Engineer Charley Blackburn, Radio Operator Thomas Drew, and Tail Gunner James Clemens. Thanks for any information you can offer. Neysa McNeley Picklum (sister of David F. McNeley), 1929 Union Road, Cedar Falls, IA 50613. *Those listed for the War Crimes Trial in 1948 were Co-Pilot Cletus Moser, Navigator Benton Van Horn, Bombardier Oliver Stewart, Radar Operator Arthur Weinbauer, and Left Gunner John Zinn.

I would like to try to make contact with anyone who may have been acquainted with my father, John M. Carlson of Watertown, MN. He was shot down in a B17 near Florence, Italy on October 5, 1943. He eventually wound up in Luft Stalag One in the south compound. Any information would be much appreciated. John Carlson, Tucson, AZ.

I’m looking for a James Barnett, 2nd Lieutenant in USAF, 8th Air Force, 2nd Air Div., 445th Bomb Group, 703rd Bomb squadron, captured April 12 1944 in Belgium and caught in a stalag. No other data about him, sorry. Thanks a lot. Felix Maniquet.

Wanted: To hear from anyone who may have known my husband, 1st Lt. Slayton M. McGehee, Jr. while in Stalag Luft III near Sagan, Germany, or Stalag VIIA, near Moosburg. The time frame would have been June 9, 1944 to April 29, 1945. If you knew him, do you remember his physical condition? Especially swelling of the feet or other effects of Beriberi? Please contact Helen McGehee, 4020 Royal Palms Ct., Dallas, TX 75244. or call 972-484-3764.

Former T/Sgt Robert Bowen, 101st Airborne, would like to contact the 2nd Lt Artillery who possibly saved his life at a German clearing hospital in Euskirchen, Jan. 1945. Bowen was in charge of wounded American POWs who were confined to the attic. He had helped the officer down to the operating room, when the hospital was bombed. The doctor went berserk and got a stranglehold on Bowen and had not the 2nd Lt pulled him away, Bowen might have been killed. ALSO: Does anyone know of violations of Geneva Conventions by OUR forces against wounded ex-POWs who were sent back to the lines after liberation? Contact: Robert Bowen, 706 E. Maple Rd, Linthicum Hts, MD 21090.


January 2001

This is a strange request. It is for anyone who knew Tsuyoshi Nobuhata. Nobuhata was an interpreter for the Japanese Imperial Army in Manchuria. He was fluent in both English and Japanese. The request is from his granddaughter. I wish to help her, as I believe, he too was a victim of the Japanese Imperial Army. I am guessing, but I believe he was in Camp Hoten, from her descriptions. He was captured by the Russians and never repatriated. If you remember him or the name of the interpreter in Camp Hoten, please contact me. Frederico Baldassarre

From (James Burke) Francis Gladek originally from Shamokin, PA died in POW camp possibly while in a work party out of Stalag 4B Bad Orb Germany. As The Squad Leader that surrendered upon orders from the Company Commander I have felt the burden of responsibility for all the squad members that became POWs that day. I located most of them safe and sound after the war but sadly learned that Francis died as a POW. We were good friends and after years of searching I have located his burial place. Would like to contact anyone that knew him as a POW or knows the location of his family. The name Gladek seems to have disappeared from Shamokin according to sources I reached some years ago.

My name is Pierre Godeau, I’m writing from the close vicinity of the famous town of Bastogne in Belgium. It happens that I have recently recovered an old relic of the Battle of the Bulge that bears the name of the US officer who lost it at the time. Searching the internet I found out that this Lt. became a POW during the Battle of Bastogne. He used to be a member of the 15th Tank Battalion of the 6th Armored Division, his name was L. DEAN MCVEIGH and his serial number: 0-1017449. The item that I found is not of great value, it is an old army pouch...but I would be willing to give it back to him or to his family FREELY as a souvenir. Any item of information would be deeply appreciated. Pierre Godeau Bois de Waffe, 1 B-6640 Vaux-sur-Sûre Belgium.

I am the Grandson of a EX-POW; his name is Charles William Tucker, from Maryland. He was with the 31st. Inf. when captured on April 8, 1942 on Bataan. He is a Death March Survivor and a POW for 1290 days. My Grandfather has ”blacked Out” the period of his life; he has no memory; he also has many medical problems. If you or anyone else knew him, or have any information on him, please contact me. One man he knew on Bataan, he said his name is Cledus Beecher, from the Bronx, New York. We aren’t sure if the first name is correct. The last time my Grandfather saw Mr. Beecher, he had fallen on the march, and when my Grandfather picked him up, he was beaten, and forced to continue on, leaving Mr. Beecher behind, never knowing if Mr. Beecher survived or not. Jon Rimando, 6460 Abel Street, Elkridge, Md. 21075.

George Hook, captured at the Chosin Reservoir, Nov. 29, 1950, went to Death Valley Camp and then to Camp One. He is looking for James Talbert, Earnest McLean, Roy Hardage, Thomas Sealey, or anyone who remembers his unreported (and untreated) shrapnel wound and the beatings at the hands of the Chinese. He would like his Purple Heart and has to prove these things. Please, if you can help this ex-pow contact Judith Knight at

Mr. Raymond “Hap” Halloran, a former B-29 navigator and POW of the Japanese, returned from Japan last fall. While in Hiroshima, he met some people and one of them gave him a photo. The man’s father was an official photographer. On 19 March 1945, US Navy Task Force 58 attacked Kure Naval Base. It was a huge attack. Two US Navy airmen were shot down. I have identified one of them as Lt Charles Weiss of VBF-17 from the carrier Hornet. The one with the bandage was identified by the Japanese as a Lt (jg) Harold Viladswest. With that rank, he was obviously a pilot and not a SB2C crewman. I checked my list of USN POW returnees and USN personnel who died as POWs in Japan. The mystery man just doesn’t show up...there is nothing close to resembling that name. The name “Viladswest” doesn’t even sound like a real name! It was believed that the mystery POW was a SB2C airman of which 12 were lost in the Kure raid. Quite a few of them were shot down and captured. There were also a number of F6Fs and F4Us downed. This Harold Viladswest was presumed to have been an SB2C pilot, but there is absolutely no confirmation. Also supposedly lost on that date was a Robert H. Williams, ARM1/c, unit unknown. Williams and Viladswest became POWs and returned after the war, but once again, absolutely no confirmation. TF58 did not lose any TBMs or SBDs on this date. Weiss was shot down by a George of the 343rd Air Group in a big dogfight. Both were taken into custody by the Army Kempei Tai, transported to Kure Naval Station, then on to Ofuna Navy POW Camp. If anyone can identify the mystery man, they may contact me at  or 626 286-5044 home or 626 285-9981 work. HENRY SAKAIDA

Richard D. Sparks  writes: Does anyone know a place called “Norfolk” or “Camp Norfolk”. It was located in the village of Chalons-Sur-Marne east of Paris. A map I had back then indicates I was there in October 1945 after being assigned to the 118th Infantry to come home with. My map shows it as the last stop in my journeys and I remember leaving there for the port of Antwerp to come home. Where was Camp Lucky Strike? Could Norfolk have been a subunit of Lucky Strike? I don’t remember it as such.

I am looking for some information about my father-in-law, Wendell Fern “Bud” Hamman, who was part of the 1857th Service Command Unit in WWII. He was a POW. As far as my in-laws can remember, he was caught in Bastogne, Germany in Jan. 1945. He was sent to Gerolstein Prison. We think it was Stalag 12A in Lindsburg, Germany. All of this is just from the memory of my in-laws. He didn’t talk much about the war. He said that all of the killing still bothered him. I am trying to put together as much information as possible for my family. Bud has been gone almost 10 years now, but is still missed very much. I want to put as much info together so the generations to come will always realize what their great grandfather did for his country. My e-mail address is and physical address is PO Box 985, Emporia, KS 66801. Staci Hamman.

Patricia Wadley, AXPOW archivist, would like for anyone who was a POW at Halle, Germany to please check in with her. Her email: You can also reach her through National Headquarters.

My Father, Ellis Scifres, was a POW in Germany during World War II. He was serving with the 687th Field Artillery Batallion - he was originally in the Headquarters Battery and was transferred to Battery C in November 1944. He was captured on Dec. 16, 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge. We do not know what POW Camp he was held at but understand that he was liberated on April 17, 1945. Dad passed away in 1980 - without ever talking to us about his experiences as a POW. My sisters and I recently attended a reunion of the 687th in St. Louis and we are seeking information that would help us to know more about his experiences. Anyone have any ideas about how we can fill in some of these gaps? We would love to find someone who was a POW with my Dad or who remembered him during his Army days. I can be reached at my e-mail address or my home address: 302 Rock Road, McAlester, OK 74501. Thanks! Karl Scifres.

If anyone has any recollection of Boder (sometimes called “Sport”) Jordan, please contact me. He was either a 1st or 2nd Lieutenant in the Philippines. He eventually made it to a POW camp and was killed while being transferred on a ship by a friendly submarine just a few months before the Pacific war ended. Contact Kurt Jordan 770-522-0916 5725 Roberts Drive, Dunwoody, GA 30338 

Laurian George is trying to locate any of the first enlisted men brought into Luft 1 on Dec 24, l944. Please send email to 

I’m trying to locate Norwood Garrett. He was a World War II Air Corps bomber pilot; shot down in operations during the war; interned in a German prison; returned after the war to the Dallas, Texas area; later moved to the “four corners area”. W.R. Warnack, 3415 Maple Park Drive, Kingwood, Texas 77339-2640. 281 358-2892.

Can someone help me find crew members of “Salvo Sally” 484th B.G. 826 Sq. I am looking for: Henry F. Deck T-125678 (Luft IV), William J. Goodwin #39317082, Elmer Hayes #14125743 James S. Edwards #12084691. Please contact: Bob Leavenworth 9815 E. Rooney Easement, Hereford, AZ 85615. e-mail

Looking for information on my uncle, Private Stephen Kota, who was a member of the 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division. He was wounded and captured in France, then interned at Stalag 12 A , Limburg, during the years 1944 to 1945. He is now deceased, and the VA lost all his service records during a fire at their records center. Anyone know anything about him? Please respond to Jon Balson, 172 Stone Quarry Road, Leola, PA 17540 or by e-mail to:

My brother entered service on Oct. 30 1942-his name Richard Smith-Flt Officer Born-6 18 1919-eyes-brown-hair-brown wt-152-ht-5-9-5 823rd BS,38th BG. He was shot down while on a run from New Guinea to New Britain. Contact: Frank Smith 71 New Bullis Rd Elma New York 14059 tel: 716 674 6669.

In my files, I found a physical exam report for 2nd Lt. James T. Frye, serial #0676773. The papers are from the office of the Surgeon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If anyone is interested in them, please contact Louis J. Beckmann, 121 Margo Lane, Fayetteville, New York. 315-637-8191.



November/December 2000

Domenic P. LoRusso, former S/Sgt, 1st Platoon, “C” Company, 422nd Reg. 106th Inf. Dom and I ate out of my helmet at Stalags 9B and 9A. He was from the Philadelphia area. We were best friends and I feel so sorry I didn’t keep up with him after the war. Contact: John Morse (former 3rd Sq. leader, “C” Company), 4240 George Lane, West Palm Beach, FL 33406. 561-684-1226. wrote: Bill Taylor called me and wondered if I could help him find a old buddy he was stationed with in Alaska in 1954-56 named Rawleigh or (Rawley) Vermillion. He was in Bataan with an army artillery unit when captured. I know the chances are slim, but I would appreciate any help you could give me. Wish I had more info on him. Jeff McIntyre.

At a garage sale, my wife and I purchased a hand made wooden heart-shaped picture frame with a small picture of a young woman, vintage 40s clothing and hair. The sellers had no knowledge of where it came from, wanted to get rid of it. My father being in the war, I was interested and purchased it. The reverse of the frame has the following information: CPL Kurt Kasischke POW 2407509 Laon, France, 1945 (Lyon?) It occurs to me that relatives may find this item of personal value. How would we go about finding any relative to whom we may return this? Thanks for any help that you can give. Joseph Gruber, RPH, CGP, FASCP Regional Director of Clinical Services, Omnicare, Inc. 345 Dunn Rd. Florissant, MO 63035; 800-844-6622 ext 3097 FAX: 314-921-3514, Home phone: 618-656-3348.

My Uncle, Toney Warren Garner, ASN 37709297 was captured at a place called Bidburg on December 21, 1944 a few days after the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge. At the time of his capture, his unit was Company II, 109th Infantry Regiment, interned in Stalag 12A as indicated on his Dog Tag with his prisoner number 10214. Did anyone know him, or can you tell me about his unit/where he was held? He was discharged on 2 November 1945 at Fort Ord. He is now deceased. Jack L. Garner P.O. Box 42 Lusk, WY 82225, E-Mail: lujgarne@

Joseph Oberpriller is trying to find Robert Martinez, who was last known in Texas, served with Co. E, 2nd Btn, 9th Reg’t. 2nd Inf. Div. We were in Reserve at Hwachon, South Korea. We went on line at Chorwan on July 21, 1952. Then at POW Camp #3 at Changsong, North Korea. I can be contacted at 610 E. Garden St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. 715-723-8025.

Need IVB memories. Many strange - even bizarre - events occurred there, as well as the (often) unreported humorous occasions which we are keen to identify and document. One particular happening, recorded by Tom Barker, right at the end, when most of the Germans had left and some Russian cavalry had ridden into the camp, is the fairly horrific fate of a German guard (he was known as ‘Blondie’, though there had also been another of that nickname in the RAF compound) who had been especially brutal to Russian prisoners, shooting some out of hand, beating others with little reason, breaking limbs and so on. The Russian POWs had found him hiding in a shed, dragged him out and strung him up feet first on a post and literally butchered him as he hung there. It would be very useful indeed should any of your members happen to be able to verify this incident and/or contribute any recollections of the type outlined above. We mean to include in this history a section about the ‘satellite’ camps and at least some (including, of course, the one known as ‘Slaughterhouse Five’) of the the arbeitskommandos associated with Stalag 1VB. Contact: Antony A. (Tony) Vercoe (kgf. 275069), (Res.) 29 Spinnaker Dr., Whitby, Wellington 6006 NEW ZEALAND.

I have some info on the Yamamoto Detention Camp from 1942 to 1943. The commanding Jap officer was Col. S. Yamamoto. The Camp Commander was Lieut. Cmmdr. G.G. Harrison. It was near a seaport, judging from the size of the daily work detail that was sent to the docks. Do you have any info? Could you include this your next issue as a question? I have two years of daily info plus a lot of names and several letters dealing with the camp rules. Send info to howard reiche, 67 Allen Ave Ext., Falmouth, Maine, 04105. my e-mail is 

I am looking for any information may have on Stalag XIIIC. My Late Father, Jan Buchla, was a corporal in the 80th Regiment of the Polish Cavalry. He was captured by the Nazis and interned in Stalag XIIIA in October 1939 and moved to Stalag XIIIC in 1940. He was liberated by US troops on 17 April 1945. This I know from his Ex Allied POW Identity Papers. He subsequently worked for the US Administration in Germany as a DP Camp Policeman before coming to Australia in 1949.  Unfortunately I do not know much more as my father, who died over 10 years ago was reluctant to speak about his time in Stalag XIII C. If you have any information about Stalag XIII C please let me know. Jack Buchler.

I am trying to assemble the record for another Missing Air Crew 459th BG 759th BS 8/22/44 for which there is no MACR: Guy A. LaFata Sgt; William A. Sykes 2nd Lt; Richard E. Rippon Sgt; John J. Koczaja Sgt. ALSO: MIA Crew 28 July 1944 Ploiesti. Morgan, Arthur D. , Jr. Texarkana, TX - 2nd Lt. Pilot? Ainsworth, Ernest F. Ok City, OK- 2nd Lt. 459th HQ. Co-Pilot? Dunham, John N. Boston, MA 2nd Lt. - Navigator Hill, James L. - F/O - Bombardier; Curtis, Chase Y. - S/Sgt; Love, James R. - S/Sgt Engineer Rosenthal, Herbert J. - Sgt. Myles, David Jr. - S/Sgt -Ball Gunner. Flak damaged fuel lines. Plane crash-landed in a field in Western Romania. Dead Stick landing, engines dry. Glenn Strong, .

My name is Michael L. Rosenberger, 306 Theresa Lane, Richmond, IN 47374. I am searching for any Ex. POWs who might remember my dad who was a POW at Stalag Luft IV and liberated from Moosburg in April , 1945. His name was Larry Rosenberger and was with the 452nd BG 729th BS as a Ball turret gunner. He was shot down on Aug 4, 1944. I was told that he was beaten many times by a German guard called Big Stoop while at Luft IV. I also was told that Big Stoop traveled with my dad and some 1400 other POWs from Luft IV to Moosburg. .

My father George W. Siebert was a POW in Neubrandenburg, Follingbostel, and later in Teterow Germany. I am looking for information anyone may have about the camps or to contact other prisoners or their relatives who might have known my father. Thanks. David George Siebert, 202 Scott Drive, Dwight, Illinois 60420 .

Anyone who knew Sgt. Stanley J. Walesczyk, ASN 31066449 from Waterbury, CT. He was a waist gunner in B-17s, 8th AF, 91st BG, 401st BS. Shot down on June 21, 1944, held at Luft 4. Please contact his wife: Elsie Valeski, 23 Frances Dr., Seymour, CT 06483.

For those living in Los Angeles, I am looking for Phillip Ruiz. We were roommates in Luft 4, Lager A, Barracks 1 and Room 3. In civilian life, Ruiz was a dispatcher for a trucking company. We walked across the top of Germany to Folenbostle Stalag XI. Please look in your phone books and send his address to: Jay Deane Sterrett, 2880 Earlshire Ct., Deltona, FL 32738. (407) 860-2192.

My brother, Al Zilliox, was in the 2nd Armored Division in North Africa. He was captured at Faid Pass and held in Stalags 3B, 7A and Luft 3. I am looking for someone who can tell me about the fighting at Faid Pass, January 1943. Contact: Jack Zilliox, 4702 Wood Violet Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23188; or call collect (757) 229-6046.

Does anyone know about automatic promotions? While we were at Camp Lucky Strike, a colonel flew in from Washington, stood on a scaffold and told us all about them. At our separation, we didn’t receive these promotions. If anyone else heard this colonel, please contact me. Louis Beckmann, 121 Margo Lane, Fayetteville, NY 13066; (315) 637-8191.

Mrs. Howard Klingman, PO Box, Cashion, OK 73016-2288, would like to hear from anyone who might have known her father, Harley Merideth Cowan, Serial #38567188. He was an infantryman, and a POW in Germany. He was from Lavaca, AR and died in the VA Hospital at Memphis, TN 7/9/44. It is believed he was captured in the Battle of the Bulge, but he never spoke of his experiences as a POW.

We are hoping to hear from anyone who served with our father, John R. Battisti, with HQ Co, 1st Bn, `8th Inf. Div, assigned with Anti-Tank Gun Crewman Unit. He was captured in North Africa on Dec. 23, 1942 at Long Stop Hill 609. He was sent to Italy and remained in Camp 59 until Sept. 8, 1943, when he escaped and hid for 3 1/2 months. He was recaptured on Dec. 30, 1943 and sent to Germany. He was in camp until Feb. 14, 1945 when he took part in the 800 mile march across Germany. Liberated Apr. 13, 1945. Address: John R. Battisti, 1098 Spruce St., Ambridge, PA 15003. (724) 266-6723. Daughter’s email: 

My father, Michael J. Missano, was a waist gunner on a Liberator “Betty Jane”. On Sept. 11, 1944, they were returning from a mission and had to bail out over Holland. They were hidden for two days, then discovered and captured. I am trying to find out about the mission and the camp they were taken to. Dad was in the 389th BG, 565th BS. Also, does anyone know where I can get the Caterpillar Club insignia? Please contact Bernadette Hoffman, 77 Glenmere Way, Holbrook, NY 11741. (631) 472-3134.

Pasquale L. Grimo is looking for information from others in Stalag XIB in Falling Bastel. He also would like pictures of the liberation by the English on Apr. 16, 1945. Please contact: Pasquale at: 19 Elmwood Dr., Bristol, RI 02809. (401) 245-6903.

Looking for American POWs who were assigned to do clerical work for the Japanese in the Third Expeditionary Headquarters, Manila, from Aug. 1 to Dec. 1944, who might have information about the four survivors and prisoners of the USS Robalo. They were brought to Manila on or about the 15th or 30th of August. Please contact: Harvey Carlisle, 7934 S. Neenah St., Burbank, IL 60459. (708) 599-6777.




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